Pomade for Women – Why, How, What

Pomade is the vintage hair styling per se, it will be used already since the 18th century. Pomade (called also Pomatum) served to bring the hairs into shape and cared for shine.

Pomade for Women - Why, How, What
Pomade formerly also had the sense, the hair of women with the waves or curls with heated rods (especially for the Marcel On dulation) from drying out and reverse kokeln to protect. They called such pomade also hair pressing oil. Pomade was never just a Stylingmittel for men but also for women.
In addition to pomade there earlier still hair oils (such as Brilliantine) and that was it, more were it not for styling. And you had to manufacture the products often even yourself!

Pomade – Ingredients

Pomade was until the 19th century mainly from bear grease or lard (lard).
The 20th century petrolatum, lanolin and beeswax in the manufacture of pomade was used, where Vaseline represents the base.
The stiffening properties of the wax allowed role (also known as quiff) then also strongly shaped Dressups, such as Pompadours and Elvis Presley. Pomade is so no hair wax, but contains waxes!

In addition, increase the care effect mostly oils such as coconut oil and ensure gloss, which cannot afford a hair wax alone. Pomade because of the oils has also long-lasting moisture donate properties, which made her very popular at all with African curly hair.

Pomade was until the 1950s the Scandinavian No. 1 now experienced a real revival pomade, though pomade for men was never really out.

Why Pomade for Girls?

Pomade for Women - Why, How, What 1

Girls use pomade nowadays rather rare, but it is a brilliant hair care and hair styling product. Pomade is not only good for the styling and more shine in the hair, but is also in split ends and dry by blow drying, Sun and color.
Pomade is pretty much the most versatile product in the hair styling arsenal. Unlike hair spray or gel it flocculates not or bonded. It works great to make hair silky soft, to emphasize individual strands, waves and curls to give definition and the kitten from hair ends.
With so many properties a can save a lot of time pomade friends and also a lot of money, where it can replace many of your styling products.
There are even specially for girls Pomades. The “Dope for girls” by rumble 59 smells in addition to their styling properties also have delicious Strawberry and vanilla. And because the box looks so sweet retro, I photographed her for the cover image.
The advantage of hair gel is pomade does not dry out. Because their oily and waxy ingredients, she however requires several washes completely from the hair can be removed.
Pomade can be removed easily by degreaser such as shampoo for oily hair (or washing up liquid:-D).Application of normal olive oil and wash with warm water by the way also removed pomade.
As girl with longer hair It lubricates the pomade is in volume but still significantly reduced in the hair as the guys, in this respect, it is half as wild.

So If You Apply Pomade

Pomade for Women - Why, How, What 2

  1. Pomade is damp or towel-dry hair.
  2. Initially little product use, as a fingertip full.If you verreibst the pomade in your hands, so only a thin film can be seen. You can increase the amount if your hair can withstand more.
  3. Now, massage and knetest you the product gently in the sections of hair that you want to style and in the tips of the hair.Pomade works also great in the manufacture of water waves.
  4. After styling, you can go with a further fingertip pomade on dry sites or protruding or flying hair
  5. Pomade needs no immediately longer take a bit of time to make a difference!
    If the hair becomes oily, too much pomade in my hair.Then the next time take significantly less.

What Pomade Is Right?

It depends on what you have for hair, so the hair type, and whether it has special styling desires.
Ever More unruly and krauser hair the harder the pomade might.
Soft pomade is certainly best for great shine. Very thick, curly hair, I’d so use a hard pomade around hair and then as a finish, a soft.
The already mentioned “Dope girl” by Rumble59 is E.g. a medium pomade and in this respect an ALLROUNDER for all types of hair. The scent is great anyway, and the design is very cute.
For the styling of curls with curling iron or otherwise with heat or naturally curly z. B is especially the “Marcel curling wax” pomade by Dax. This is a real vintage hairstyling product that smells of tulips.

Pomade for Women - Why, How, What 3
Pomades are also quite different ingredients or amounts of ingredients. So should you trying too, which are best suitable for one.
Pomade can not really be for fine, long hair volume at the base. To do this, mousse and blow drying is more appropriate. For the top, against Frizz, gloss and styling certain parts it is highly recommended but with fine hair.

Origin of the Word “Pomade”

The word “pomade” derives from the French “hair grease”, meaning balm or ointment. Hair grease in turn has its Spit root in the Latin “Pomum” equal Apple, fruit.
Historical Pomades were made by fat man has added vergorenene, bruised apples, so the name was probably…

Original Pomades

1883 the German Fritz Henkel brought one of the first Pomades on the market that was initially rather intended for cleaning. Hamill origins lie in detergent production, although they were also a leader in hair care products and are (Schwarzkopf).
Murray superior 1928 ended mid-1920s on the market, Brylcreem and Royal Crown hair dressing of 1936th Dixie peach hair pomade was popular in the United States with teenage of boys from the 2nd world war in the 60s.