Picture with Kitchen Scene

I told you that it was the birthday of my sister-in-law and I taught the joint kitchen made with a box of wine and other accessories. He told you on that occasion this gift came with another that would be very special for her.

Picture with Kitchen Scene

Occasionally do pictures of miniature rooms: kitchen, bathroom, sewing, etc. The truth is that not do them often because they give a lot of work and have to devote much time and peace of mind. And as I do not spare neither one nor the other, is something I do only for “special” occasions. The last time had done one to my mother for the kitchen, and liked to my sister-in-law so much that whenever it goes to my parents House, is passed a little time looking at the picture, looking at all the details.

He always says that if it wasn’t because he knows that you I will not be wanting to charge, it would me one jajjaja. How was it going to collect? what things you have. Over the past Christmas decided to do that, but didn’t have time. His last birthday seemed like the perfect time to give the surprise, this time Yes Yes wanted to do it once!
For these pictures, I use frames type “showcase”, those who have a little bit of background.

The first thing I did was print some of the accessories that would need: sphere clock, books, pictures, dishes… in the network there are pages of printable of this type to download. You can also use any image that you like and reduce it to the size you want.

To simulate the interior of books, I use cardboard that is a little bit thick. I think it has a name, but I do not remember me lol. I cut it to the size of the book and paste it on both sides.

The same thing to give volume to the pictures.

After trimming the dishes, I hit them to a cardboard the same size.
To shape them, use this rule of circles and ovals (well, and a lot of more figures do not know for what will be). You put the plate over the appropriate size hole and pressed a little bit.
Later, to give them the appearance of earthenware, I paint them with gloss varnish. If I don’t, you can replace perfectly with colorless Nail Polish, the brillito of life. Of course, the baddest and cheap to find.

These boxes are also printable. There are containers while imaginable.

Picture with Kitchen Scene 1

The bad thing is to mount them… print them so tiny that to be able to paste the flaps, I use a stick. I have to confess that this of boxes makes me nerves! But good, with a little patience everything is achieved.

I’ve also done a punnet for bread. It is a box made on paper, mounted once lined with gauze (of the of the kits).

Then I paint it, fabric-lined interior and ready.

The bread do it with salt dough and “makeup it” with eye shadow to make it look toasted. In this case, has not been required the make-up session, because that was in the oven and already came out I forgot are sufficient colorcillo jajajaja.

Tiles are printed.

Also the sides are “tiling”, of course. We want a curiosita kitchen!

Then, two or three hands of gloss varnish to give them shine and volume.

On the ground, I have put decking. I like the kitchens with hardwood floors.

Furniture, kitchen and window are pieces of wood cut to size and stained with stain. I simulo doors and drawers by marking them with an awl.

In the “Assembly”.

The handles are wood beads to make bracelets.

The kitchen is painted with a mixture of acrylic silver and black, simulating a former kitchen of coal.

The smoke outlet is a pen tube and tube clamps are cardboard thin.

I’ve topped the shelves, tablitas also stained with stain, with a ruffled baby.
On other occasions, I have also made cans of preserves, shots and even cups… but this time did not have too much time. And it is also, very recently I discovered a shop in Madrid, specializing in dolls houses, that has miniatures of all kinds. It’s amazing, you can not imagine things that have, and everything in a super small space. Of course, they also shop online.
For whom is dedice to do houses, shingles, etc. that is a wonder. And best of all: the price. Of truth, truth, so they cost the things I bought, is really worth, because they are of very good quality.
The jug and bottles are actually glass, cans weigh a lot…

Picture with Kitchen Scene 2

… and not I tell you the coffee set. In fact, I had to put a few brackets (I don’t know if they are well appreciated in photo) to the rack so that it will support the weight of the coffee maker and the Tin of cookies, because it hit him with the gun and after a while I fell… The cups are hung from a bar (piece of skewer stick).
Kitchen cloths, made with a few tiny retalitos white and yellow, Vichy game with the basket of bread.
And the picture, finally finished.
As he had meticulous slightly with cooking the picture , the packaging could not be less! Kraft paper stencil, ribbons, labels with different roles of scrap, a llavecita painted… and an envelope with a message.

My satisfaction, which loved his picture to Montse. Gave me a great joy to see her happy with him, and so affectionate and sincere hug that gave me.

And my greatest luck, take it to her.

See you at inventing yellow tiles, with Olga and a lot of interesting proposals to invent the weekend, and to the meeting on Friday at home of Marcela, a Frugal weekend still of hangover after a golden celebration.

Picture with Kitchen Scene 3