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Our Week in Pictures

Our Week in Pictures 1

“Our consumption and market economy is based on the idea that you can buy happiness, as you can buy anything. And if you must pay money for something, then it can make not happy one. “That luck but is something…
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MCM Store Opening on the Gate Road

MCM Store Opening on the Gate Road 1

An invitation to the to the tinker with invites – perforated mini MCM bags, small accessories and MCMs little man “Back Pack Legend”. Glue on hand and go can go the Falterei and tinkering. Who designed an elaborate such invitation,…
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In Love with: Furniture of Bokja

In Love with Furniture of Bokja 1

We have encountered in our daily journey through the Internet today a very special find of the day: the adorable furniture from Beirut of Bokja. Decorated and newly upholstered with vintage fabrics from the Middle East and Central Asia, promoted…
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Weeks in Review

Weeks in Review 1

“If God hadn’t rested on Sunday, he would have had time to finish the world.” Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Repeatedly tweaking thoughts in our minds are: something is wrong here but, why is just so much going wrong and why can…
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Week in Reviews

Week in Reviews 1

At Jane Wayne’s was a little quieter – the reason this week: the German press days were and we were quite nicely from agency to Agency, to examine favored catwalk collections times at close range with loved ones once again…
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