Our Week in Pictures

We have neglected this week quite you, but pledge improvement for the coming, I promise. After we the weekend in the melt! Festival spent (here a report still pending!), went’s on Tuesday early again to London, to pay a little visit the team at ASOS . The Sommersause of pussy Kreuzberg followed Sol right and today the worm in it, because after a jewelry workshop by diesel, which was among other things La Jessie and the girl again we of the Miss magazine met, stood a whole handful of meetings on the plan. Wiesoweshalbwarum, you can find out which of course. It is certain: the steam actually assumes us and therefore we leave the beloved Berlin next week and every Fitzel time into our little Jane.

Our Week in Pictures 1 (2)

We apologize very bad to you, for this mess, and hope that you have a spell-great weekend!

Fresh finsihed up in your own four walls: art print “Untiteld” by Piet Mondrian.

ASOS dinner with Katja, Amandine by Les Berlinettes and charming ladies from ASOs. Thank you for the great evening, everyone. Our bellies hurt still louder laughter and dessert!

Discovered when passes: MANKii Vintage on the Gormannstrabe 16, Berlin. Lovingly selected bag selection of two owners is particularly recommended lack value. To the online shop’s going along!

Our Week in Pictures 2 (2)

Flower purchases on the market almost same a small round of meditation. And: good for the colorful plants are heart on top of that – if the Lieblingsjunge is far away, we have to make just for spring meadows on the kitchen table.

The Sanderson Hotel in London is not a hotel, but a space ship. Here if you book a double room, should be very familiar with his travel companion – at the morning toilet you can namely quasi watch. Except to operate the electronic curtain. We have but a small little late strapped.

Sarah’s diesel x OTB Foundation – jewelry workshop creations. We are curious what is purchased at the end really, because all proceeds benefit a good cause.

Our Week in Pictures 3 (2)