Our Site Summer Update: 5 Lookbooks & 4 Trend Themes

Can anyone a Lookbook each season also really, right? The British fashion chain Our site seems to think and not just photographed a photo gallery, but five in one fell swoop is also dicing on the customer to bring the latest collections. En top there is also a nice overview of the trend and the must-haves in one fell swoop: monochrome, comic girl, debutante and rave new girl – that just refer to the shop the look.

Yes, it is made the our site fans easy to fall into the British fashion chain. When we forward in Germany on a Our site offshoot, though still not quite clearly that it must be soon, however. The rumor mill bubbling and the sources seem waterproof. We’ll keep you of course to date.

Our Site Summer Update 5 Lookbooks & 4 Trend Themes 1

But now for the first time to our site summer and the inspiration template, thus also considered can be shopped!

Let us here once the trend themes – who may click through the 5 Lookbook, which may simply browse here.

#1-monochrome – Graphic print of alla Marc Jacobs meet in 60s silhouettes and strong black and white Kontraste-favorite outfit: the dotted the posh blouse jeans:

#2 comic book girl – apparently it is inspired by Jeremy Scott quite beautifully wild, confused and colorful.

Our Site Summer Update 5 Lookbooks & 4 Trend Themes 2

We are above all completely in love with the accessories and especially in the heart earrings. By short tops we get but also not enough, and the casual sweatpants will experience this year also their demonstration revival. Once everything please and this here along!

#3 the debutante -the romantic trend topic of top shop: top hits on feminine silhouettes and opulent details on Princess dreams. 50s inspired, vintage in love and at the same time ladylike – a pattern parade and a feast for eye and the affordable version of Prada!

#4 rave new world -there is nothing about the 90s wave, psychedelic prints and fluorescent paint.

Our Site Summer Update 5 Lookbooks & 4 Trend Themes 3