Our Site in Spiriert: Three Opi Lacoste Sweaters in One Fell Swoop!

I like new clothes, I like price tags off to knibbeln and once at my bedroom door to drape the new honey, so I can admire it for a few days. At least just like I like it but, to go on a quest. Of things that I wanted to always have unexpected luck finds, or little stories. After bargains and 2nd hand pieces, for which I’m after secretly high five. This works for example at flea markets or in Vintage shops. If I have something very specific in mind but I do it like my parents: our site is and remains my personal source of inspiration.

Our Site in Spiriert Three Opi Lacoste Sweaters in One Fell Swoop! 1

This was for example in the mission “find old Lacoste sweater”! “The Royal Tenenbaums” had reminded me this formerly narrow-minded OPI sweaters can look how funny nice and then the former tennis brand showed even a phenomenal show (you know, fashion has to do so much with associations for me).Money to invest a whole chunk, such a gimmick was far however. So: Laptop, on our site, browse. The result: 3 sweaters for 20 bucks. And a little anecdote of to the seller: “my husband has not separating himself of his sweaters – it’s actually not too bad, but Rosa makes him terribly pale, you know? And the purple pattern is really not more modern? Thank you, you set me free!” There’s nothing to complain about.

Our Site in Spiriert Three Opi Lacoste Sweaters in One Fell Swoop! 2

In addition to all the other platforms that today our shopping appetites available available to us in order to satisfy, you forget sometimes these tried and true heroes. And certainly each individual portal has also its own permission. But what I like on our site is the ignorance of many seller – and it’s not common now. But how do Ute XY know also from village that we young (media-tried) things would have paid at least twice for their 30-year-old cute Peter Pan collar blouse? And in the end, both are happy: Ute, because again is more space in the closet and we, because we asked: “where hastn’ that?” quite simply with “there is only one more time and cost just as much as a pack of cigarettes” can answer.

Our Site in Spiriert Three Opi Lacoste Sweaters in One Fell Swoop! 3

When the team of #our site inspiriert so asked me whether I had found there because once something pretty, I therefore not long delayed and rummaged the above three sweaters from the depths of my closet out and there they are again. Because I’m not the only person but who still opts for our site, there is the bottom our site recently. I can honestly say: that’s a bit herzallerliebst. Namely you will find all sorts of Nice stories of various buyers. There was for example a stuffed duck named Willi. Or a railway OPI, who virtually has developed a whole empire. And Dorothea, who finally has a trumpet.

We can upload by the way all our own stories at inspiriert our site. Either, there is fun at the pleasure or because of the €5,000 and other little things to win. I like that. Even yet better than brand new clothes, which somehow only gets after a pretty long time something like personality.

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