Nightlife Tip: The Bassy Cowboy Club In Berlin

In Berlin, you will find countless interesting clubs, to stand out from the crowd seems to be not so easy. The Bassy cowboy Club is markedly with his exceptional concept from other locations from: advertised with the reputation of “Yeeehaw!” as cowboy paradise, you expect a club, as a guest initially which is which is exclusively hand-made best of 1949 committed-1969.

Nightlife Tip The Bassy Cowboy Club In Berlin
However the Bassyclub in addition to music such as E.g. the ALT offers Johnny Cash also finest beat or rock ‘n’ roll. The beautiful lounge atmosphere of the Club invites you to linger. In the Bassyclub there is to discover a great deal: celebrate here with quirky characters in Stetson or Navajo jewelry typical Berlin party-goers and mid hip. But also mods, Rockabillies, Dandies and TEDS feel at home here.

The boisterous parties, cool concerts and the special charm of this location make the Bassy cowboy Club nightlife experience.
We were for you with Lotte theft from the Bassy cowboy Club an interview guide, thanks for the friendly answering of our questions.

Since When Are There You? Briefly Imagine

The Bassy Club dedicated to the musical underground from the outset before 1969. We started at the turn of the Millennium as an Association for the conservation and promotion of the rock ´ n ´ roll culture in Berlin. The warehouses of a ball bearings factory were our Clubhouse. Every weekend we evening just opened the doors and look who comes, in addition to the few Club members. After it has spread in the scene that one, damn well could dance besides the spontaneous concerts which took place with us, to the old vinyl discs of amateur djs. In the winter, you could breathe real location fire romance by the burning oil barrel in the backyard. We had to face the Club number with growing number of guests on more professional feet. So we went in 2006 a house number, in our current premises.

Can You Talk A Little About The History Of Your Bar?

The rooms of the Bassy Club included until 1921 to the grounds of the brewery Pfefferberg on Prenzlauer Berg. In the 60s the savings bank of the GDR used the rooms as cash Depot – the vault still exists at the rear of the Club. From 1998 to 2006, the Club was here pepper Bank home until the Bassy Club opened on December 1, 2006 in the present premises. The built in 1841, old walls is a historical place and just right for it to continue our “mission”. This is reflected in the facility as well as in the cultural program. Our interior design, facilities and decoration lean without dogmatism of the musical era of the 50s and 60s. It is a little off rocked and angular, yet you can see the attention to detail everywhere.Fabrics, wood and iron are by hand and built so that a spontaneous impression such as: “Looks like BB´s was always there” is a good compliment for us.

What Kind Of People Visited You? What Is Your Audience?

We have a very Shiina audience that between 20 and 50 years old, an innovative concept of music, a club room for dancing and a lounge to the cozy sitting, talking and smoking.The most ambitious sixties DJ’s, we could find, with their own vinyl tension the tension until the concert. This ensures the seething mood and a great atmosphere. Our audience is wonderful to carry away and hungry for authentic cultural roots. It is timeless, relaxed, mixed and curious. People come from diverse backgrounds and are not homogeneous mass but music geeks to the part dealing more or less scientifically with music; some of our guests are from the outset and so we have a pretty big audience. We are also an increasingly popular nightlife Tip If it once again applies to the “Berliner” something to offer visitors visitors. With weekly burlesque shows, dance events and classes for Jive, swing, rock n ´ ´ roll, and on Thursday, we give insight into the wild and cultural range of the city the queer disco. In the Bassy, there are mods, Beatniks, rockers, Cowboys, TEDS, dolls, Dandies, burlesque dancers, artists, circus freaks and Music Geeks. We like it, and sideburns, hats, leather jackets and tattoos when men wear casual elegant suits. Anyway great, we find women but especially we are on high heels, fishnet stockings, mini skirts, petticoats, corsets, Leopard skin, bikinis, Bunny suits, and what whatever you to glitter and glamour can find at home.

Nightlife Tip The Bassy Cowboy Club In Berlin 2

What Influences Of The 50s Influence Your Bar?

In general one can say: who wants to listen to music far from mainstream and radio is just right for us. Special formulated above all the American underground music, so all black musicians influenced us the the rock & roll directly or indirectly shaped. As well as great black Big band and bebop jazz. Also of course still the rhythm and blues. Here, examples would be Ray Charles, Chuck Berry, Louis Jordan, Etta James, Little Richard, James Brown. Then comes even the Blues: In particular, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker. Labels that we find interesting, are chess records, Sun records and King records. Otherwise the Rockabillysound of course, especially Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Burnette influenced us trio, Gene Vincent, Charlie Feathers. Also determines the Film noir and the independent film have coined. Great movies such as shadows, Kiss Me Deadly, the wild one are, on the waterfront, attack of the crab monsters, elevator to the scaffold, La Strada, wages of fear and rebel without a cause.

You Guys Even Idols From The 50s?

Yes. That would be of course the great Elvis Presley, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Alfred Hitchcock, Fidel Castro, Johnny Cash, James Dean, Jean Paul Sartre, Roberto Rossellini, Willie Dixon, Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, Marlon Brando, Howlin’ Wolf, Ruth Brown, LaVern Baker, Fats Domino, Guitar Slim, the Beat Generation, Nina Simone, Carl Perkins, Etta James and Marilyn Monroe.

Which Bands Go At You Personally Up And Down?

Ray Collins Hot Club, Wanda Jackson, Andre Williams, the Messerchups, the Fuzztones, the Montesas, Los Banditos, Rob Ryan Roadshow, King Khan & BBQ show. You are crazy and they play with us for example soon. -> See question what influences of the 50s influence your bar.

In Your Bar, There Are Always Cool Rock ‘N’ Roll Events With Bands. When Is The Next And Who Plays / Is There To See?

HM, there a few very exciting I can think of: the 13.10 play Los bandidos, 1 we have the Fuzztones at us, the 15.11.14 of The low flying ducks and the 19.12.14 the Rob Ryan Roadshow.

But also very important to mention is that the Bassy birthday very soon. We have our 13th anniversary coming soon! And we want to celebrate all together with you. On the 12.12.14, our loyal visitors to thank, without that it no longer would give us, we throw a great party. A long night of Bassy DJs is planned: A colorful and crazy evening, with many us done live musicians. We ask our resident DJs and the whole, ambitious 60 years DJ community of Berlin on the platter. Kick-off is from 21: 00, there are free drinks all night long and free while supplies last! An evening with special surprises. You are all cordially invited. But to just come all!

What Were Your Highlights In The Bassy? There Are Also Funny Stories Or Anecdotes Of Performances Or Shows? You Guys Already Familiar Faces/Celebrities As Guests?

Actually we had to even living legends like Wanda Jackson, Andre Williams, the pretty things, Fuzztones, Nikki Corvette, Tav Falco, and many more our stage to visit. Funny stories there are many: once was there including the Katy Perry as a guest. She came on a Thursday, that we have an event that is organized by a drag Chantal with us. Chantal is an eccentric, unusual, bold, funny and very self-confident person. Katy Perry came with a huge luggage of Securityleuten and wanted then free in. The Lady stood longer outside the door and it started a discussion with our bouncers who overheard finally Chantal.Chantal came out and Katy was smiling her: “Hey I ´ m Katy Perry.” Then gave Chantal hand her only also smiling and said: “Hey, In the Valley of Chan. 10 euro please.”

Which Drinks And Treats Should You Try As A Guest?

The drink you should necessarily try with us, will personally mixed by our bar manager Matthias – the Mexican. Each bar has its vested, secret recipe for its production. We form a, that we make the best Mexican town :).

Nightlife Tip The Bassy Cowboy Club In Berlin 3
We also still the Bassy cover, which is a combination of Bavarian beer and shot. There are also still our high-quality alcoholic beverages. We have a not unsightly collection of whisky and also various high-quality Scotch, Burbons and single a gauze. We have also 120 cocktails: from the long island ice tea through the Moquito to Russian Mule and the caipirinha.

Describes How Even A Typical Evening In Your Dance Club

Guests in the outlying smoking lounge be informed by the head of the evening in a brief tour that it is time to press the tilt. The dance floor fills up, the artists are working their way to the stage. Hand made music history begins. Loud, fast and out of control. Thanks to all the artists who have shown us the honour. From the fees that we can offer, it is certainly not fat. Berlin is poor, but sexy. Therefore, we make the entrance fee accordingly affordable and at 250 paying guests, the store is full. A simple mathematics.

The ambience of a wild raging living room can be as well as the Berlin standards exuberant applause, more rewarding thanks. The stage is raised, the dancefloor open big, the audience feels felt always in the front row.

The artists take a bath in the surging crowd often and gladly. It’s also good as the national and international young scientists increasingly old times back focuses on the musical relics, reinterpreted or merged. Thirsty by the encores, the band then grants the field for the long night of dance. The house bought the drinks. The counter is to the backstage and the communication to the public is unlimited.
Dimmed flickering light shows the scenery in dunkelbunte swab. “The family” starts to dance again, lounging in Sofecken or adheres to glass solid standing. The live act oozes warm real in the costume of sense of. Newcomers, native, passing tourists; they all can inspire for that music must be not necessarily electronic, to celebrate. So we press us continues to the small rock mainstream of the volatile and any contrary. We keep on rockin’.

Where Can I Find You On The Internet?

The Bassy Cowboy Club In Three Words

Cultural site, port, and home for the night
n the Bassyclub there is a lot for discovering, for example the foosball table invites you to a match with friends (C)
Bassy cowboy Club
Schönhauser Allee 176
10 119 Berlin
If you would like to meet many stylish and nice people in a place in Berlin, then you’re dead right in the Bassyclub.