My Spring Apparel: Stella McCartney Dress

It is so cold that think in layers and layers of clothes that I will tomorrow to go to work was not the best choice. So I decided to inaugurate a new series of posts, where I’ll be presenting my favorite clothes of different designers to carry into the next, today far, Spring 2010. You can say whether they like them or not, but for now they bring me some heat on imagination.

My Spring Apparel Stella McCartney Dress 1

This dress from Stella McCartney I like not only for being a design’s crisp, which I normally love at all. But because it captures very well the sense of Sun, flowers and heat that I’m looking for at this very moment. At first glance it would appear a beautiful Brocade for a Chair, but it has an old air making it look elegant, and the game between background color walnut and the situation in Orange, white, green and blue looks even more.

My Spring Apparel Stella McCartney Dress 2

It is about a precious cocktail dress that may be a party in the garden, one of those first nights of spring where recently a cold still to go with the shoulders into the air, but is not so necessary to carry a super coat. This dress with sandals cage or a thigh high boots I would give the key and the brightness. It has the sixties cut which makes it even more vintage. I like more and more, the only downside is that it costs a 2,500 euros.

My Spring Apparel Stella McCartney Dress 3

I hope you Zara have mercy on my be and give me one very similar, already done so with one blue King with that tenog Tulip skirt from several seasons ago.