Men’s Fedora Hat

The male Fedora hat is an accessory that became iconic in the 1940s, as it is heavily used by movie stars in Hollywood. Part of the composition of looks of mafia characters and gangsters, the male Fedora hat became popular and soon left the big screen, making head of the men of that time.

Men's Fedora Hat

The Fedora Hat is an accessory usually produced in felt, has the same format of the hat Panama and marked the 20th century with its success. The popularity of the Fedora hat grew as a result of the use of Hollywood stars. Mafia characters and gangsters of American cinema had Fedora hat as a characteristic accessory. Also called Borsalino and Trilby (with shorter flap), the Fedora hat has been a classic for many generations, the standard long-brimmed model is the darling of fashionistas, actors, musicians and other celebrities.

Men's Fedora Hat 1

And as a good thing never goes out of style and reinvents itself, the Fedora male hat has returned with everything, and is often seen among celebrities not only of the movies, but the world of music today.

Men’s Fedora Hat

Stylish and versatile, it is possible to find the Fedora male hats with different sizes of flaps, colors and variations of style.

Men's Fedora Hat 2

The men adopt the Fedora hat as an accessory of style and personality, leaving any look more charming, even using more basic and less elaborate pieces than the female pieces. Some models have been fever among artists, skaters and musicians.

Although Fedora hats refer to the masculine universe, women are great adherents of this model, in fact are among their favorites. Women wear the Fedora hat in a variety of looks: from a winter composition with dresses, overcoats and coats to even more summer-oriented looks like dresses, shorts or skirts.

Men's Fedora Hat 3