May We Introduce? The Online Store “Restore Vintage”

There they like sand more and yet we are constantly on the lookout for the perfect address: Vintage Stores occupy every major city and find themselves now also online. But it isn’t so: Either, they offer affordable pieces in abundance most and us is whether the whole offer almost dizzy. Or but, we find a well assorted vintage paradise, must swallow twice at the sight of prices, however. Yes, there’s them, the little voles in our circle of friends, which crawl the Humana from the first up to top floor very patiently and with a great selection of hand shop left the second – not myself included but unfortunately. I have already found my small Mecca, garments, in Berlin now an another vintage store could become also virtually a very pretty address: the Re-Store Vintage by Franziska and Markus.

May We Introduce The Online Store Restore Vintage 1

Cute prepares in Tumblr format alla COS, peppered with wonderful .gif images, which perfectly reflect the spirit of the times and a selection, grows the day after day.

“We offer a range of designer clothes, but rather focusing on cut, fabrics and quality distinct from “nondesigner” with an equivalent. We are convinced that you find something beloved from our selection which match into your current wardrobe.”

May We Introduce The Online Store Restore Vintage 2

Small prices, wonderful selection – and yet, we hope that the restore is growing maybe a little further. Not too much, otherwise it is again a bit cluttered, but just a little bit. We are sure that it is already working Franziska and Markus, and thank you for the wonderful selection. Have a good start!

The shipping is by the way 5 euros in Germany. Maybe you’ll find something pretty, her dear Janes & Johns! Stopping is worthwhile in any case!

May We Introduce The Online Store Restore Vintage 3