May We Introduce: Handmade Bags “Made in Europe”

Perfection and precision, implemented through centuries-old processing technologies and finest materials – all made in Europe. Because we believe the slow, more to invest at last a few pennies, instead of plastic leather bags in a neat pouch and 30 euros to allow purchases of large fashion chains, see we like for new brands to, that focus only on a need for this. Made in Europe that could become the perfect fire, conjures up classic bags, expressed by learned craftsmanship and high quality without artificially to impose and the entire outfit to steal the show for us.

May We Introduce Handmade Bags Made in Europe 1

Designer Katherine Batliner made her Bachelor’s degree in industrial design in Zurich and worked more closely with the traditional production of leather – more specifically, the Armenian crafts artist Mihitar met his character icon in this area, and made him their mentor. Quickly, the young maker, it was clear that ancient skills and modern design in minimalist pieces too rarely finds expression and 2009 decided to establish their label “Made in Europe”.

May We Introduce Handmade Bags Made in Europe 2

Not only the visual impression is more than satisfied, also the subject of responsibility and craftsmanship are special attention. So, the handcrafted pieces are all produced in Europe and processed the roughly 200 year-old style Mihitars. Long will be searched for the correct and proper materials, high-quality fish leather is also used French vintage prints, linen from Upper Austria. A but you is particularly important: only animals that were allowed to enjoy a happy life on wide meadows and loving rearing, come for the choice of the material in question.

May We Introduce Handmade Bags Made in Europe 3

Each result promises to be unique and that in turn justifies prices up to 400 euros for the blue or beige shopper. With the pieces of fish leather I’ve befriended me while still not one hundred per cent, with the large pockets, advancing the wonders of space to true, but all the more.