Lily Allen Launches Her First Collection

It is strong, when you back up and takes his life despite quite many fates in the hands. Whether our site their tragic miscarriage has overcome, we can sure sometimes as ultimate judge, what we find: you reappears in public, and dares to a new project. We love and appreciate the young British woman highly for their music and their unverkennbarenn, British accent, like their kind of snotty and shoots as they then and when other asterisk. We very like it and especially her style.

Lily Allen Launches Her First Collection 1

What is there so closer than to fashion a bit closer to grope and bring his own collection with her sister on the market? Already for a year, she leads the vintage shop together with Sarah a beautiful jewelry collection was followed by our site in London – then and now, the sisters take a step further: A plus-size collection. Why only for plus sizes?

Lily Allen Launches Her First Collection 2

Allen was repeatedly torn apart due to her weight problems in the press in the past and referred to as thick. For them, so a logical conclusion for plus-size to engage and at the same time a very sympathetic Lily of all action: make it just different! The sisters were inspired by the way of classic dresses from the early 20igern up to the 40igern. In addition, she had come again and again by the fictional character Lucy on new ideas. The line reflects her passion for vintage and we very forward!

Lily Allen Launches Her First Collection 3

The collection will consist of 18 beautiful dress and each piece is named after a famous person, or a known place. Snag you can the collection from June at Harvey Nichols, our site, of course in the Lucy in Disguise-Store in London and on the website of the store. The prices range from 175 to 630 dollars. Still we can not show the exact collection – we must settle with the sketches for once and all are pleased how the pieces are final look.