In the Showroom: “& Other Stories”-4 Cities, 4 Stories and a Great Shop Concept

Stockholm, Berlin, New York and Paris. Or: masculine cuts, industrial aesthetics, elements of feminine chic and poetic Bohemian. We were last Friday in the showroom of our site and have taken the most exciting shop concept of the year once more under the magnifying glass and one thing is already clear: this is great. & other stories – the latest label from H & M is thought through from the beginning to end and will give us soon pretty much joy. The studios in Paris and Stockholm created four collections, called four stories, we combine your heart, mix, and can implement personally and individually. 100 m2 minimalist Scandinavian design, 100 m2 Rough, even gruff acting Berlin elegance, 100 m2 feminine Schick according to the taste of New York ladies and 100 m2 Parisian elegance and vintage-inspired favorites – et en plus: 100 m2 Beauty and more 100 m2 Shoe love! We summarize: is 700 m2, including a little square drum, filled with small stories from the spring in the new Schönhause Street in Berlin mid.

In the Showroom & Other Stories-4 Cities, 4 Stories and a Great Shop Concept 1

“& Other stories wants to create “Treasures” for the wardrobe, where it has long and where you can choose from a wide price range”- and the first look at the collection leaves no doubt. Absolute favorites: the shoes!

And the wait soon for any occasion for us: whether comfortable “Birkenstock”-lookalikes, the extravagant version with plateau, schnike booties with excellent vintage-twist or nowadays eye-catcher, which certainly does not in any shoe shop to find sin.

During my favorite line in particular “Stockholm” (so Storie: contrasts & minimalism) is, it has done to (industrial & uncomplicated) Nike especially Berlin. Or? Not quite: because somehow can you not decide just yet and sees itself in a flower dress and Brown Schnürschühchen from the Paris collection inspired in the summer at the lake or with the sporting heels from the metropolis of Manhattan to the smarter looking ensemble. There is a favorite style and yet we must at & other stories do not restrict: quite the contrary: we will be prompted wild to mix the single line and to emphasize the personal touch.

In the Showroom & Other Stories-4 Cities, 4 Stories and a Great Shop Concept 2

That is also the beauty corner an or others did not disappoint: from small Aufhubschern care products: make-up artist Lisa Butler and trends specialist Ben Gorham were brought into the boat, to complete the story to the own look. And his empty potty the next time who gets equal to 10 per cent on a new beauty product.

All sounds too good to to be true and even the predicate “Made in Italy” prankt on individual pieces. So far we have not even discovered so still no big hook – prices:

Because that vary from super cheap (a ring for 12 euro) over 55 euros for a dress up to 175 euro for an extravagant shoe model.

One thing is certain: we welcome huge to the store in the new Schönhauser Straße and can wait until the shop concept finally opens its doors! And now don’t be sad, that the first branch moved to Berlin: an online shop will simultaneously launch – on our site!

In the Showroom & Other Stories-4 Cities, 4 Stories and a Great Shop Concept 3