How to Wear Wedding Hats

Wedding hats: most romantic models and rules of etiquette to wear them. It is a refined accessory and a detail that makes the difference and diversifies giving personality to the style of the wedding, then you must choose it with care and wear it the right way. In the past it was suggested to replace the wedding veil with a cute little hat to women who married secondly in old age or a civil ceremony. Today, these rules are no longer so, modified from the incursions of fashion and personal taste that is imposed on everything. Behold, then for brides who love to stand out, some rules of etiquette to avoid mistakes in choosing the bridal Hat more suitable!

How to Wear Wedding Hats

Never in church

For those who decide to get married in the Church, etiquette does not recommend the use of the hat, which is well adapted to a civil ceremony. For those who just don’t want to give it up, while marrying by religious ceremony, there are simple solutions, such as woven fabric wedding capscrocheted with precious inserts. The bonnet is ajar fabric generally at Empire line wedding dresses. It is customary to apply removable pegs on the back and sides of the headset to join a veil must cover both ears, leaving only the face.

The hat you wear within 12 hours

The weddings en chapeau should be celebrated and day. The hat is indicated for who’s getting married in the morning, within 12 hours, or in the summer, when the days are longer; the ceremony must be finished by the 18. If you decide to get married in the evening you can still wear your hat after the rite, or during the reception. Find a vintage style hat on internetages.

Coordinated with the bridal dress

Keep in mind the style chosen for the dress. It is clear that a very romantic wedding dress with train and precious decorations does not befit his hat, while it is advisable on a simple dress, maybe short, to give that little bit extra. The bridal hat with veil is back in fashion, proposed in a modern way with feathers and Headbands with Rhinestones or beads. To pair with minimal and linear cut wedding dresses or with a vintage dress and short. Can be worn only in the afternoon or evening and never for a day.

For all ages

Particularly suitable for brides over 30 and brides married, instead, the veil, the bridal Hat seems to have conquered the brides of all ages, especially in wide-brimmed: glamorous accessory, with fabrics that can vary according to the season and the personal taste. In summer, for example, you can dare with wedding hats of crepes and tulle, or better yet maybe sisal and silk satin decorated with flowers or with ostrich feathers.