How to Wear a Vintage Dress

First, let’s start with the fact  that there is nothing bad to look as though you unloaded the old Hollywood movie.

But still, we have to distinguish the line  between theatricality and reality. Very often people are afraid to wear vintage clothes do not look like costumed thematic party. However, there are many bloggers who like this style and deliberately seek this effect of pin-up fashion. We have a few tips on how best to dress vintage dresses.

Vintage Dresses – Tips on How to Wear them

Choose clothes that are modern trends. Many current designers and fashion houses have huge archives of vintage clothing to constantly add pieces and from which you can draw inspiration.

How to Wear a Vintage Dress

In fact, contemporary fashion is really an interpretation of styles from the past and you’ll be surprised how many modern designer clothes are pure imitation of old. Finding and wearing such a retro style women’s clothing is the easy way to avoid costumed effect.

Kosata and makeup should look modern. Bet on simple make-up and hairstyle, which tested ways to remove old-school elements of your vision. For example, if you wear a dress from the 50s, it is advisable to stay with her hair pulled back with subtly smoky eye. Even modern classic styles are updated versions of existing old by the era: modern loose waves from the 40 that were favorites of Hollywood for the past few years are a great example.

Street Style – Vintage Dresses

Combining vintage clothes with certain fashionable shoes, handbags and sunglasses is an easy way to dramatically changing outfits. What are the main colors in your outfit? Bet modern accessories in the same color.

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