How to Wear 60s Fashion

With the vintage fashion that pleases and that continues, many brands offer retro style clothing. Until the 1960 , the dress code for women was rather formal. Retro dresses are at odds with the rest of your outfits everyday wardrobe. So you could, you also feel suddenly too classic when wearing a retro dress. Fortunately, there are many ways to combine accessories and other apparel retro dress for your dress style is casual and unique.

How to Wear 60s Fashion 1

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Steps :

  1. The 1960 is based on minimalist silhouettes, accessories and modern dresses.

How to Wear 60s Fashion

Use rather leggings tights or bare legs. The leggings give a fresh, casual and modern look to any dress and also offer more choice in shoes.

2. Select these platforms and modern style to associate them with the dress as ballerinas or sandals. Their stylish appearance combined with lace leggings from EmilyLeggings makes great with retro style.
Personalize your look with casual and modern accessories: a denim jacket or cloth turns your dress in the perfect outfit for spring.

How to Wear 60s Fashion 2

4. Complete the set with a shoulder bag and a scarf to modernize the retro outfit.

5. Dresses yellow colors with geometric prints, white, red or yellow mesh, and even colored boots … This is the style of the 1960s.

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How to Wear 60s Fashion 3

  • Day, complete your retro look with accessories, such as bags, gloves and other accessories of the same time as your dress, to break the traditional side of your outfit.