How to Value a Vintage Watch

It is this that we seek, which is China in the beautiful thrift stores or neighborhood flea markets, vintage watch. We love to showcase and highlight its uniqueness. Here are three ways to refine it.

How to Value a Vintage Watch 1

  1. Choose a man’s watch

The vintage wristwatches for sale are beautiful when they needed to. We then will favor the man watches, more generous, more grandiose without being flashy.

How to Value a Vintage Watch 2

What matters is the state of the dial and not the bracelet, we will have fun upgrade to a mat of leather or a little more girly, like a red crocodile printed leather, fun and chic for summer.

How to Value a Vintage Watch 4

  1. It only covers it

For the eyes of our fellow creatures is not attracted to all our accessories, it minimizes the effects. Watchword ? Little or no jewelry for the watch splashes to our wrist. And choosing a more original model that Rolex 70s, too bling, not us. Things we love, it is the old watches 50s.

How to Value a Vintage Watch 3

  1. Trailer or superimposing

A watch tells the time, certainly, but it is primarily an accessory. It is proud. It carries a boyfriend shirt that trailer on the forearms or height of chic, one puts the watch over the sleeve end of a sweater or a dress shirt. The accessory becomes then essential, timeless vintage.