How to Make Jeans Look Vintage

Vintage jeans are the rage in fashion these days. Jeans with a vintage look can fetch hundreds of dollars, but you can create your own old jeans, without the need for hundreds of years or dollars. Here’s how you can make the jeans look older with materials found in your own home and your own pair of jeans.

Prepare your jeans


. Choose a pair of jeans that fits you well. Keep in mind that the addition of the vintage look is not going to change radically the size of jeans. After selecting the jeans, the next step is to wash it.



How to Make Jeans Look Vintage

. The basic principles that you can do to recreate a vintage and antique look is to use scissors to make cuts in jeans. The cuts may be in the area of the knee, which is one of the most heavily damaged jeans. You can also create small scratches on the back of the legs of the pants, the footprints of the feet. These also appear as a result of normal wear and tear, as long jeans are usually worn heels. Make sure you start your nick in a small area of the jeans, gradually expanding the Court, if necessary. Instead of creating a large tear, you can also create a series of small cuts in their jeans.


How to Make Jeans Look Vintage 1

. Then use sandpaper to clean the surface of the jeans. It will create the visual that the stone-washed jean use some tags on their products. The sandpaper can also be used on the seams of jeans to loosen the fibers and create a ragged appearance. You can use sandpaper with a 400 grain or 600%. Once the fibers were loosened, place the jeans in the washing machine with Oxy clean or Mule Team Borax. They use the fabric and create a look more ragged.


How to Make Jeans Look Vintage 2

. The distressed vintage jeans are the wear can be recreated using a razor blade. Take the knife and use it to scratch the fibers of the jeans. Make sure that you take care when using the knife. The blade must be positioned in a vertical position, and should be moved back and forth in a horizontal position. This will substantially weaken the fibers until the inner layers are exposed. The tears and cuts you made with the scissors should be distressed to create a more natural look.


How to Make Jeans Look Vintage 3

. Disappearing, the best technique is to avoid bleach and simply use the Sun. wash the jeans, with laundry detergent and leave in the Sun Change the position of the jeans and make sure that all parties are equally exposed to the Sun. Make sure that the clamps are not put in a piece of jeans, since stret6ch jeans. In a couple of days or weeks, the jeans will start to disappear.

Instead of buying a vintage mom jeans, you can create your own. In addition to save on money, you can be sure that your jeans won’t look like vintage pair of someone.