How to Make a Vintage Makeup

And if we offered a trip in time? For evening make-up, Cosmo offers a retro makeup. Smoky eyes, complexion perfect and a red mouth, Sandrine Hillou, professional makeup artist ARTDECO, who is at the controls. And for a full style, find the bonus evening hairstyle: Pauline Lelièvre of the ‘Private’ salon gives you tips for a bun retro style 20 years. A look full and easy do it yourself!

Sandrine Hillou, professional makeup artist ARTDECO, delivers all the tricks for a retro evening makeup. The idea is to work a splenic cast at the level of the eyes, a perfect complexion and a red mouth.

Eye makeup: gray

How to Make a Vintage Makeup

You work the eyes with a smoky, a solid dark grey across the eyelid. You perform a gradient with a purple reflection and, inside the eye, you apply a shadow to bright to bring light.

You can highlight the eyes with an eyeliner and put mascara.

Complexion makeup: blush

Once the bottom Foundation applied, work the blush. You drop in typical right application of the 1920s. For color, choose a rose wood, a widely used tint at the time.

How to Make a Vintage Makeup 1

Lip makeup: red mouth

You work the lip makeup as originally with a very clear basis throughout the mouth. Then you work the outside with a very dark dregs of wine.

The trick hairstyle with Pauline Lelièvre from the salon “private”:

Go with this makeup 20 years, to the evening hairstyle that goes with it. To do a retro updo, make a low ponytail that loop with an iron to make ends meet. Then he must isolate a strand on the front and knock it off. Make notches on the front, to track the movement of the loop and put flat pliers. For the low bun, we catch all the small bits and lacquer it well.

How to Make a Vintage Makeup 2

You can add a hair accessory for a retro effect.

Evening makeup and evening hairstyle, you have all the keys in hand for a full retro style!

  • Thanks to Sandrine Hillou for advice make-up, Pauline Lelièvre for his hair advice and Philippine for its charming participation.

How to Make a Vintage Makeup 3