How to Buy Vintage Watches

In the last week, you read in the WatchTime Brazil the Robert-Jan Broer, blog, for buying a vintage watch. Now, you enjoy the second part, which indicates to you some places where you can find these treasures.


Yes, here we go with the obvious. Many offer their stock over the internet (for example,, others use retail platforms. Anyway, if they do not have a website and are not so close to receive your visit, this can be a problem. Be sure to get in a daily or weekly routine in entering the site of these dealers, so you do not miss the opportunity to get a watch that you expect – and have gotten to them. Some Brazilian and foreign sites specialize in specific makes and models and have good reputation. Add these sites to your Favorites. Two important tips: good pictures and descriptions are key pieces. Prefer to view an image that has a bottom less pretty, but to show the clock as it really is. Today, some dealers in Instagram. Then follow them there.


Broer account that found some of their best watches in the discussion forums. Many of them have a sales topic, in which its members can offer. As you are dealing with private sellers, re-read the item above, what should pay attention. The advantage of the forums is that prices are often more competitive than those of resellers. Keep in mind that private sellers rarely offer a warranty, so be sure of what you are buying. You can get many questions and even eliminate some sellers to read publications about them from other users. Do a full scan on his reputation, good knowledge on the subject, etc.

Watches or business fairs

In Brazil, this type of event is not very common. But Broer reports on these events in Europe, especially in Germany, which are a great source to get vintage watches. The only downside is that the decision should be taken at that exact moment, as well as all the necessary checks. Don’t let the seller come. Ask your business card, so you can do research online and have time to think about it. Take pictures of the clock with your cell phone. Anyway, always ask for warranty (or, at least, a return period) when you do business in these fairs. Many of the dealers are professionals that use these events to release their stock, but also to buy other watches.

Facebook groups

Some groups on Facebook also offer used watches. It’s not an online store, but it’s a very efficient way – and free – to announce that wants to sell a watch. Many of these groups are closed, then you need to request their inclusion in it, mainly for reasons of privacy and security. Use the social network search with keywords such as “sale watches” or similar. Certainly you will find some result.

Private sellers/Classifieds

The ideal scenario would be the seller YOU find when you want to sell a watch, and not the other way around. In some cases, they need the money and you will get the best value. However, this is not very likely to happen, if you don’t become known to other collectors. When you are active in networks, and people know which product you want, something will be offered to you sooner or later. The rule of thumb is this: If you search actively for a watch, you will pay more dearly for it. If people come to you and you offer, you pay the best price.