How good is a spring mattress?

Spring mattresses are the classics among mattresses. The simplest models are very inexpensive. But not all innersprings are the same. Here’s what you need to know about innerspring mattresses.

Which spring mattresses are there?

What all spring mattresses have in common is what their name suggests: their spring core. This consists of steel springs that yield when loaded and return to their original shape when relieved.

Depending on the spring core, a distinction is made between Bonell , pocket and barrel pocket spring core mattresses :

  • Bonell spring mattresses have waisted steel springs that are connected by wires. This makes them area-elastic: when pressure is applied, the entire area gives way.
  • In pocket spring mattresses, the springs are separated from each other in individual fabric pockets. Since they are not connected, the mattress reacts point-elastic: It only yields where pressure is exerted.
  • Barrel pocket spring mattresses also have barrel-shaped springs, which are easier to press in due to their bulbous shape. This makes the mattresses even more adaptable and offers better lying comfort.

Structure of a spring mattress

Every spring mattress consists of several layers:

  • Spring core: The spring core, which can be constructed as a bonell, pocket or barrel pocket spring core, is located on the very inside
  • Protective layer over the spring core: Usually made of felt or wadding, the padding protects against damage from the springs
  • Padding layer:  A foam sheet prevents the springs from being felt
  • Upper material(cover)

In our range you will find various spring mattresses for the most varied of requirements.

Properties of innerspring mattresses

Air can circulate well through the spring core. This is why innerspring mattresses have poor thermal insulation. Those who like to sleep cool often find it pleasant, while the mattresses are less suitable for people who freeze quickly. Moisture can be released well, mold formation is almost impossible. Due to the spring core, the mattresses are a little heavier, less pliable and flexible. Therefore, they are only conditionally suitable for adjustable slatted frames.

A high quality spring mattress can be recognized by its pocket spring construction. Barrel pocket springs offer optimum lying comfort and the best point elasticity. The number of springs is also a quality feature. The higher the number of feathers, the better the point elasticity. However, depending on the wire thickness, the number of springs also influences the firmness of the mattress.

Who are spring mattresses suitable for?

Bonell spring mattresses are suitable for stomach and back sleepers. The point-elastic properties of the mattress are not sufficient for side sleepers. For people who sleep on their side, high quality pocket spring mattresses are recommended. People with back problems or herniated discs should fall back on very high-quality and individually tailored barrel pocket spring mattresses, as simple Bonell spring mattresses are not sufficiently point-elastic to optimally support the body.

Bonell spring core mattresses are suitable for people up to 100 or a maximum of 120 kg, who like to lie softly and find the feeling of “springing back” pleasant. Pocket spring mattresses can be loaded with up to 200 kg, depending on the quality.

Those who sweat a lot benefit from the good ventilation of the spring mattresses. Allergy sufferers should avoid spring mattresses, as the breathability of the mattress also promotes mite growth. If you still don’t want to do without the spring core, you can put a mite-proof cover around the mattress.

Advantages and disadvantages of innerspring mattresses


  • Good ventilation: ideal for heavy sweating, no mold formation
  • Pocket and barrel pocket spring mattresses: very good point elasticity
  • Long lifetime
  • Relatively inexpensive and can be used with any simple slatted frame


  • Lying comfort and point elasticity are orthopedically not recommended for simple (Bonell) spring core mattresses for side sleepers
  • Combination with adjustable slatted frame is only possible to a limited extent
  • Springs resonate, which annoys some people
  • High dead weight

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