Granite or Marble in the Bathroom

Natural stone such as granite, sandstone or marble are very good for the bathroom, kitchen countertops, stairs and of course for the floor.

So it’s no wonder that marble or granite are also popular for indoors.

Marble, granite and all other natural stones often look very good, are also robust and last – by nature, so to speak – something. Also naturally water-repellent, they are also easy to clean.

Natural stone is of course not the same as natural stone. Depending on how soft or hard, smooth or porous a rock is, it is better or less suitable for the bathroom, worktop or floor.

So it is definitely worth taking a closer look before you buy a worktop made of beautifully shimmering marble, for example.

Marble, Granite & Co – Properties

Marble beautiful and delicate

Marble is a very soft stone that can be polished. Due to its grain and color, marble is particularly beautiful and can be polished as a wonderfully smooth surface.

Depending on the porosity, marble has a higher or lower absorbency, which makes a special impregnation unavoidable in most cases. These impregnations make marble more resistant.

Marble, however, is not only the most beautiful, but also the most expensive – of the usual – natural stones.

As hard as granite

Granite is particularly suitable for use in the kitchen and bathroom, as it is particularly hard and firm (countertops in the kitchen) and resistant to acid, moisture and heat.

Granite is the all-rounder, the robust rock, as the saying goes. However, granite is usually not particularly beautiful. At least not when it has to compete against marble on the catwalk.

Limestone – ideal floor covering

Limestone is a comparatively warm rock. Just like marble, it is often very beautifully grained and is traditionally used as a floor covering. Like marble, limestone is particularly susceptible to acid. That’s okay for floors, but pure limestone doesn’t work especially in the kitchen. If it is to be used in the kitchen, it must definitely be impregnated.

Sandstone soft and pliable

Due to its structure, sandstone is particularly easy to work with, which is why artists like to use it. Sandstone is particularly popular as a floor covering, the warm colors exude a natural calm.

Flooring made of marble, sandstone or limestone

First of all, natural stone is predestined for a beautiful floor. Marble and limestone are particularly beautiful because of their pattern. But you can also use all other types of rock – including sandstone – as well as for your soil.

It may be worthwhile to combine a natural stone floor with underfloor heating in order to use the heat-storing properties of natural stone.

Sandstone, marble or granite fireplace

The heat-storing properties of natural stone also come into their own in a fireplace.

A fireplace set in natural stone impresses with its timeless elegance and natural ambience. Sandstone, marble or granite can be used particularly well for a fireplace cladding.

Creative wall design with natural stones of all kinds

In addition to classically tiled wall tiles, natural stone can also be used creatively. So-called facing bricks are individual components made of natural stone that can be individually attached to the wall.

It is not necessary to cover the entire wall, small optical accents, for example on corners or pillars, usually look a little more elegant. You should turn to a competent partner in every respect if you want to purchase natural stones for indoor use.

Marble or granite for bath and shower

The bathroom is usually a central place that deserves a little “attention”. Everyone feels equally at home in a suitable ambience. Here, too, there are numerous possibilities to incorporate natural stone into the bathroom design.

Regardless of whether it is a washstand, storage space, shower wall, shower tray or, of course, floor / wall tile, everything is conceivable. Natural stone gives the bathroom a certain wellness factor – we know it from spa and thermal baths.

Both marble and granite are particularly suitable for bathroom design. It is also trendy to combine natural stone with other materials such as wood. It does not always have to be elaborate equipment. Natural stone can also be used to set excellent accents, which, however, enormously enhance the overall impression of the bathroom.

Attention! Natural stones such as marble and limestone are sensitive to acids and must therefore not be cleaned with acidic cleaners. However, if you invest a little in impregnation and maintenance, you will enjoy the result for as long as you would with acid-resistant types of stone such as granite.

Granite or Marble in the Bathroom