Grandfather Clocks and Cuckoo Clocks

I decided to complete this overview of the different types of wall clock with two classic: grandfather clocks, which although not hung are considered still clocks and cuckoo clocks.

Grandfather Clocks and Cuckoo Clocks3

Grandfather clocks are in practice of the furniture containing a clock, which can be placed inside the Cabinet itself behind a glass door or on its Summit. Depending on the type of clock, time is marked every hour, every half hour, or every quarter of an hour, by a number of strokes corresponding to hours, half-hours and the quarters of an hour.

The name derives from the fact that the mechanism that allows the clock to measure time consists of a swinging pendulum. This phenomenon was first observed by Galileo, although he didn’t build the first pendulum of history.

Grandfather Clocks and Cuckoo Clocks2

These clocks are mechanical and, as far as the pendulum seems to fluctuate regularly, even small temperature changes can dilate or shrink the metal they are made the gears of this watch, increasing or decreasing, therefore, the length of the swing. For this reason, the accuracy of these watches is not absolute. You think the first clocks that exploited this mechanism could also move forward or backward 10 seconds per day. The fact that still exist today, in the age of atomic clocks, is proof that the human being can appreciate beautiful things and valuable. A grandfather clock can be made of wood, can be up to a few metres and the mechanisms that can be made by hand. For these reasons, in practice, a pendulum can cost a lot of money.

Grandfather Clocks and Cuckoo Clocks1

Cuckoo clocks

Cuckoo clocks are hung on the wall and were invented in the early ‘ 700 (check Traditionally, used the pendulum as a mechanism to measure time. The characteristic of these watches from which they take their name is who classically shaped Playhouse and when flying time from this cottage comes out a little bird called cuckoo, who sings a number of times corresponding to the correct time. The cuckoo uses two different notes to sing and just looks that say “cuckoo”.

These watches are manufactured still today, only that they are also made of quartz to increase accuracy. They are in fact very fascinating objects; I remember my aunt had one that instead of the cuckoo clock had two dancers who did a number of corresponding pirouettes per hour and I remained always delighted to watch them. But beyond the fascination that a cuckoo clock can have on a child, it’s good to know that there are different models of value because they are handmade and with quality materials. In addition, although many modern cuckoo clocks contain an electronic Bell, some models still follow the traditional system, which was to enter into the clock two small flutes through which was passed through the air, producing two characteristic notes that reproduce the cuckoo.