Google Our Site Is Online!

I click on a product category in the bar, opt for wedges and get a selection of fairly high-priced models. I choose the pretty ones by Free People and will led directly to their homepage there to pick up the pair. Well, it’s not exactly the modelwhich I at our site actually had chosen, but now – Nice is it yet. I could create me even my own boutique, but already fails at the first step, because I can decide what type of style I am according to the photos… So I keep looking for products. The offer is reflected expect quite well. Only the high-priced brands let me cancel the attempt to test out Google our site.

Google Our Site Is Online! 1

Our site the notice of Google were not missed. The search engine giant stretches his feelers everywhere from and now it increasingly in the Modebiz – rather in the high fashion business. So, Google will offer us different our site for yourself assembling and back a tick make shopping easier.

We have the advantage that we can look for specific brands or favourites – what a time saves time, and new to our needs on the other.
What does that mean? Personalized shops that will tell certainly again very much about our buying behavior and good come of the advertising industry. Whether it will be a major sources of revenue for Google, will show up. The fashion business offers huge potential in any case.

Google Our Site Is Online! 2

Special trump card up its sleeve, Google testimonials looks like Sarah Jessica Parker, who style her personal shop along zustellt, has a certain attraction and is designed to provide inspiration. Other better-known women should follow.

My conclusion so far: Easy navigation, attractive design but unfortunately very many, slightly overpriced brands.

It’s a Google idea, I assume so, that it becomes quite successful – and we can assume that also ensure further polished on the current beta version.

Google Our Site Is Online! 3