Give It up for the Next Shit: Bonnie Strange Opens Their “Shit Shop” in Berlin

About Bonnie strange you can think what you want, because that is her obvious and really matter. However, we must acknowledge that we are huge fans of the blonde, blue, brunette, rainbow-colored and then Orange Lady and have pretty closed them in our hearts. Miss strange can not restrict itself simply, makes what the meaning is and will remain here always pretty on the ground. You can see this gold piece – and that at the latest when you once a few words with the churchyard 24 years has acknowledged.

Your latest trick after excursions into the world of music and the Modelbiz: Your own concept store, which today officially opened in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg: THE SHIT SHOP. The name says it, because in its fine shops, hand-picked vintage crap from the 80s and 90s plus their first collection, the motley world awaits us the course THE SHIT is called. Holtadipolta was stomped all about less than a month ago from the ground and the idea came to the label the sugary Bonnie even around a week ago.

Give It up for the Next Shit Bonnie Strange Opens Their Shit Shop in Berlin 1

Is clear that we take our hat power before so much or not? Bonnie strange would be but not Bonnie strange, if there had been on top not even a Rager plus a fashion show exactly to their liking: THE SHIT collection that celebrated namely on the Saturday night premiere at the old Mint with a catwalk show and perceived 100000 Bonnie trailers.

Shrill, ironically, vintage in love and unique – neither the shop, yet the person and certainly not Madame take seriously great strange and which appears at the end of the day to be the recipe for success of the polarizing Lady!

Give It up for the Next Shit Bonnie Strange Opens Their Shit Shop in Berlin 2

A look in the shop during your next visit to Berlin should be planned out anyway, because jedess piece of dresses, shorts, jackets and sweaters was previously selected by Bonnie and her team on shopping tours through Paris and London. This selected designer pieces by newcomers and established gentlemen like for example Barre Noir, Odyll join Studios, Jeffrey Campbell and Lika Mimika and red-carpet dresses, conducted by the capable business woman even on events and books and home accessories, jewelry waterpolo.

A shop concept with experience. And maybe you meet the sympathetic Bonnie yes even right in her little shop!

Give It up for the Next Shit Bonnie Strange Opens Their Shit Shop in Berlin 3

You will find even more photos from the backstage bustle at by the way on three sides I heart Berlin -stopping worth as well morning: then there are there namely all images of SHIT rave party!