Finds of the Day: Our Site Bags

Recently, we have expressed our newly acquired love for bags of all kinds. Unspeakably virtually are the parts, packing full yet it filled to the brim with all kinds of odds and ends and just damn casual work. A second love was also already often communicated: Ethno PAYALr. And Tadaa: A combination of two great loves is today very quietly sneaks across my screen: the our site bags.

Finds of the Day Our Site Bags 1

Its history stretches from the Balkans through Pakistan and their journey seems to finally here just in my head. Although I have to admit that the our site bags not at our site get Vintage Fund, the Cognac backpack, because the colors of the pattern inserts not so light, they arise but also simple and squeeze is not quite so in the eye of the beholder.

Finds of the Day Our Site Bags 2

Our site is Turkish and means as much as carpet. And the backpacks, bags, accessories, and furniture just remember oriental pieces that combined with leather applications and graphic patterns, submit a picture perfect animals and discreet cooperation colors of fabrics

Colorful ethnic pattern meets solid bag, backpack and handbag. We wrangle a little, because of the price. But nevertheless, the our site bags get us. Maybe not today, but for the summer, picnic accessories and handbags inventory probably very soon. For you involved?

Finds of the Day Our Site Bags 3

Up here, we have a small selection. You can read more on the homepage of our site. Look around you!

To buy, there are the bags in the ethnic pattern by the way, among other things here.