Find of the Day: Vintage Jewellery by Our Site

We love things that needed a little and look worn and therefore come as individual pieces – and that is why we love vintage of course! Pieces, which are often very affordable due to their price, which again in fashion would come and we carry with our Trendiness before anyone else slightly worn look and hide with their very own story behind their quirks and scratches.

Find of the Day Vintage Jewellery by Our Site 1

Especially vintage jewelry has done to us and certainly for this reason we love so much the fine pieces by our site. The native New Yorker and jewelry designer used namely only vintage materials for their collections and makes it beautiful, delicate necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

Find of the Day Vintage Jewellery by Our Site 2

Triangles and filigree jewelry seem particularly popular with her like mine, that maneuver through their modest earnings therefore so glamorous in the foreground and any yet so simple blouse can easily on pretty. Another special feature for all vintage lover: The collection pieces are all strongly limited and still not very expensive – roughly from 30 to 140 dollars, depending on the effort and collection pieces.

Find of the Day Vintage Jewellery by Our Site 3

Of New York, moved to Boston’s young designer and you provides your small jewelry selection on their online store straight to your home. To browse and buy so here along or the usual route via Etsy use, please!