Fashion History from 20s to 50s

You know the saying: fashion is an eternal! At least that is what was said Coco Chanel, a fashion icon who knew what she meant! Had she not decided to shorten her skirts, to stay in the mode of the new generation, when she was 70 years old! Short. Fashion fades, only style remains. The last century has seen trends succeed, feed, copy … The twentieth century is rich in fashion stories, often related to women and their condition. What are the trends that marked the decades of the twentieth century? What traces are still visible today? Small return in the past by Miss Grenada with today, the 20, 30, 40 and 50.

Fashion History from 20s to 50s

The fashion of the 20s:

The “mode” as we know it today was born at that time. During the post-war, women are in search of modernity. Sometimes widows, forced to work, they seek comfort, but also modernity. We then dressed bespoke! It’s not just black that appears. The bright colors are also on the agenda. Among the stars clothing fashion of the 20s, the dress shirt, light necklines (to break the corsets) and women’s trousers bloom. A real revolution at the time, commonplace today.

Fashion History from 20s to 50s 1

The fashion of the 30s:

While born fashion photography (which occupies today our magazines and Web), classicism is required. The image of women is now “worked” by the magazines. The Crazy Years have passed, and a return to more traditional values ​​occurs. The day the woman wears the suit, while slinky dresses are reserved for privacy at night. A new wind blows in the second half of the decade with the advent of paid leave and increased demand for outfits “casual.” Now, in addition to the trousers, the woman also wears shorts in sporty version, derived from the world of tennis.

Fashion History from 20s to 50s 2

The fashion of the 40s:

Fashion, especially the French couture, is down. As World War II broke out, the French are content initially to take the existing outfits … The shortage of clothing is a reality in large parts of occupied France. The second part of the decade, that of liberation will also be that of rediscovered mode. Large dresses with bare backs, generous necklines … Skirts are still long, but begin to rise … CD (Want to know full meanings of CD? Visit is the figure of the late 40s, when fashion enters its period New Look .

Fashion History from 20s to 50s 3

The fashion of the 50s:

The chic and elegance are sought as the 50s began. The war has caused many women to adopt the uniform of work and to sacrifice style in favor of comfort. New materials are spreading (polyester, polyamide and acrylic). The “little tailor” Chanel arrives. The grace and elegance are at their peak. This decade is that women become such fashion icons Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe, are still powerful inspiration. They wear gorgeous outfits, pencil skirts, while the miniskirt comes timidly …

Fashion History from 20s to 50s 4

Next week, the journey continues with the 60, 70, 80 and 90! Good week with Miss Grenada.