Fashion Girl in a Hat: Free People for October 2012

However, it is so: every month brings us Free People precisely in ravings, because the casualness surpasses himself every 30 days because the ladies always ineffably quickly so come, and not just insanely convenient looks always hippiesk looking clothes, but it also still pretty inspiring. Enjoy the moment, do not restrict themselves to leave. Quality time with himself and his friends celebrate and be always on explore.

Fashion Girl in a Hat Free People for October 2012 1

Free people, suggests lightness and leaves us in day-dreaming. Not because presented pieces so insanely new thought and especially are – on the contrary: because they remind us of favorites, which long since disappeared in the depths of the wardrobe and as quickly as possible should be recouped out.

Fashion Girl in a Hat Free People for October 2012 2

For the October catalog they picked up also neatly girls power in the boat itself: France favorite Mademoiselle and ihreszeichens favorite Lady by Scott Schuman, Garance Dore, photographed the all-rounder Lou Doillon in Paris and within their own four walls during the beautiful Dree Hemingway by none other than Mr Chadwick Tyler was brought in front of the camera. The result: Cosy atmosphere, pretty much everyday pieces and snapshots, which recall beloved girl.

Fashion Girl in a Hat Free People for October 2012 3

We dig in the meantime after our suspenders and search for rustic boots and a white lace dress in the vintage store.

A wonderful video and interview are also waiting for us.