Explosions of Color on the Barcelona Fashion Week

Forget Color blocking, Manege free for the fashion Zirkuspferdchen! Not only loud colors, but also still wild patterns on the catwalks will be presented at Barcelona fashion week . I’m definitely a friend of courageous compilations, and thanks to my Vintage love lights up my wardrobe in all colors of the Rainbow. But I am also aware the risk that combinations quickly times can backfire.

The designer Miriam Ponsa has inspiration from Catalan folk festival traditions: one of the “Encierro” (or Catalan “Capgrossos“), oversized papier-mache heads, the matching costumes worn are, on the other hand by the “Castells” (Catalan for castles), human pyramids, which are traditionally built on occasions such as patronal festivals and include even the intangible world cultural heritage of UNESCO.

Exhibition Tip Timeless Good 100 Years of Fashion Photography in CO Berlin 1

Ponsa is sending not only the models with an oversized head, wigs inspired by the Capgrossos (Papier-Mache helmets in the form of hair making it better) on the catwalk, but interpreted the “Castells” in her collection by padding, imprints of hands that fit together and the significant use of small baby doll, sewn together acting as West or belt. Unfortunately leave this detail often silly to work clothes and even if you would omit this quite playful longsleeves, the collection may not quite convince me.

Exhibition Tip Timeless Good 100 Years of Fashion Photography in CO Berlin 2

Khaled Robustellas Designs seem to be inspired by ice cream through and through: not only as a print or a chain cups and cones emerge, especially the Farbpallette ranging from pistachios over Strawberry to lemon. As more details, fringed emerge again and again. Most of’s Dressup sets are me personally too colorful, and actually reminiscent of the ringmaster and horse trainer. You can discover some beautiful items, but fit this collection for summer and beach only want.

Exhibition Tip Timeless Good 100 Years of Fashion Photography in CO Berlin 3

The third member of the Group of the colour lovers is Manuel Bolano, I would find quite a few pieces from its collection.
Up with was make – the models work shift flies a bit of sad clowns, and here lies the devil is in the details: thanks to the slightly somber mood, the label gets degree yet the curve, which sometimes fringe plus sewn-on floral plus pattern carries on too thick, but can convince just in the slightly more modest versions. And there we discovered then beautiful sweaters with hole pattern, a HighWaistShorts with neon-colored Paspelierungen and rainbow colored harem pants.