Essential Characteristics of the Retro Decor

In this article we answer questions that many people make when talking about the retro decor, because not everyone knows what this kind of decoration but if there are many people interested in it good.

So, hopefully you can be of great help clarify these doubts and so why not suddenly decide you want for your home retro decor that makes you feel part of a very contemporary past.

One of the main characteristics of the retro decor, is that we are talking about implementing a design decoration past. The retro decor is inspired by the years 70’s 50’sa.

Essential Characteristics of the Retro Decor 1

The  contrasting colors  are those that were fashionable then and that is what would apply, as well as textures in furniture today perhaps not look much, for example, corduroy, or synthetic fabrics, furniture is very common geometric shapes such as circles.

The  color scheme  is one of the essential characteristics of retro style in those days was used ocher color, with brown, ivory, but were also used pastel colors.

There is much left to see the psychedelic prints, which carry those colors like mustard, orange, yellow.

If we talk about  electronics  and  home furnishings, remember in movies as we see that all without exception were rounded corners, almost all furniture was made ​​with this special feature.

Essential Characteristics of the Retro Decor 2

To achieve a  retro decor  just see us some movies of those times and now give a personal touch in colors and textures of those years but with the freshness of today, it may seem strange but today there are many people interested in this type decoration.

While in terms of textures of fabrics and paint colors would not be a major problem, if we see a bit of getting some furniture of that time, but do not forget that there are all sorts of places where we could get this furniture without problem, for example, antique markets or antique shops, a good carpenter, etc.

There are no limits, sure to find everything you need and if you can not leave it in the hands of expert designers who sure know where to find everything they need to make a retro decor.

Essential Characteristics of the Retro Decor 3