Double Love: Henrik Vibskov and Knitted Dresses.

There was a time time, at that time, was even happier when I student, because I wore only dresses. This today more or less scorned indie movement was that motivated me to OMIS honey and also Courtney Love wore trousers in her young years rather rarely. At some point I had the nose but full. Tired seen floral and polka dot schlawenzle I since then almost exclusively in pants through the world. But at some point, there has seen himself sick on pretty much everything. (With 24 years they say maybe even more “fraulicher”) I was a bit girlishand and has been fond. Brooding about how I could implement this project to my style accordingly well, I scoured my closet and found: long knit dresses. AHA! Almost forgot. An old new love celebrating this winter as her comeback.

Double Love Henrik Vibskov and Knitted Dresses. 1

A super sale at the agency V left briefly on it then actually still with joy in the triangle jump me, because there I earned the above dress from the forge is one of my favorite designers, namely Henrik Vibskov for pretty much money (I trust it not to tell me, but it was 20 euros due to a hole on the back). On Henry Hollands creations knit dress reminds me also after the jump:

Selbstgestricktes dress, there is so much time and again at Mankii Vintage!

Double Love Henrik Vibskov and Knitted Dresses. 2

The only problem on the story: my body oriented to visually considered pretty much with the shape of a PEAR. Now you should be really self-confident and let be the constant whining about shapely curves. Gripe I also don’t want to and I like my biscuit belly also, but: after almost 7 pounds, it has “suddenly” on the ribs, skin-tight dresses look at least not more exactly the same as before and therefore I’m now wide coats over it. Is nech, perhaps a matter of getting used to.

Double Love Henrik Vibskov and Knitted Dresses. 3