Classic Chanel Jacket Pattern

As a joke, we know this saying all-a real challenge with some of the classics in the closet, the problem is quickly pushed aside, because there are pieces that you (almost) always attract. About this classic wardrobe I report today.

Modern vs. Classic-in what should you invest?

While nowadays can see many modern combinations on blogs or social media channels, you can only find classic inspiration mostly on Pinterest when you explicitly looking for it.

Where once elegant costumes and pumps or ballet flats for a ladies cloakroom standard repertoire included, now take sneakers, jeans or even sweatpants her place. Here are classic combinations with skirt, pants, blouse, dress, blazer, jacket and coat something to be always able to leave.

In my opinion, each of us should at least have a classic look in the closet, because if the situation or occasion it demand from a, you have to worry about the outfit. Normally I would tend the classics primarily in black and white to buy.

Classic Chanel Jacket Pattern 1

What are the Classics?

When I speak of classics, I think of a well-fitting blouse, a costume or trousers with a matching vintage jacket. A classic for the man can also be a dress jacket as featured on Mensjacketsstore.

Small tip: a pair of elegant black shoes (heels or loafers, depending on your preference) I recommend also! Here I would calm some € invest more, because I personally would want to buy an elegant, but also qualitative shoe.

A black suit with a white blouse will always be elegant. And even though it may be boring for many, I know of no situation in which a black and white outfit would be a bad decision. It may be a sad example, but you can visit in black and white a funeral service, but also work in the bank or go in an emergency to a birthday. The combination of Black / White is a reliable basis.

With a stylish design consists not only of the garments, but lives by accessories only really on.

Classic Chanel Jacket Pattern 2

Classic Spice-Yes or no?

There is no reason a look to miss a “freshness”. That you can do with color or different accessories or fabric mixes. It is also important here that the event is observed. It provides, for example, a beautiful (Kashmir) scarf, a great watch, a brooch, jewelry or special glasses on. For something a bit more extravagant, selects, for example, a hat, a flashy belt or shoe.

To make Elegant Looks alive, but something you can do with color .

So I Wear Black And White Like

The combination of black, white and red I like, for example, very much like – and have been for years. She is elegant, but also intensive, which can not be avoided in the signal color red. From it you convince yourself in the pictures.

My mother is one of the people who are very often black and white bear as a base. But it has collected their kits in a variety of color combinations. These usually consist of scarf, jewelry, bag and pumps.

I again prefer to choose low-key accessories, and put a farbkleks with a blazer or as shown here, with a jacket and the belt.Also must be meticulously from a color family with me not all. Too black for example, I selected a very high-quality bag in beige. Finally, we have already Coco Chanel shown that black, white and beige create a wonderful combination.

Classic Chanel Jacket Pattern 3

The Colors of Coco Chanel

Did you actually that characterize black, white, beige, gold and red, the inspiration and “DNA” of CHANEL? Taken together, they form a dynamic range that make up the living soul of the brand. These colors have been identified as such because it comes over from anecdotes and quotations, and by Mademoiselle Chanel herself:

Black-amplifies the essentials – Coco developed black from the color of the attendants to the color of elegance.

White-because at the beginning everything was white – it reminded them of their childhood, the headgear of the nun and her Communion dress she received from her father.

Beige-because it is warm, simple and natural.

Gold-is a symbol for the Real and Fake.

Red-stands for life, blood, passion and energy. Red lips were Coco’s signature look.

I hope the little insight into the world of classical music you liked!

your Ela