Ceiling Wallpaper Decoration

Wallpaper is definitely making a comeback these days. You used to hang it on the walls, as the name suggests, but why not on the ceiling to complete the space and create a focal point in it? We have the information for you here that you need about wallpaper on the ceiling.

Ceiling wallpaper, today’s trend

The application of wallpaper is usually one of the most common interior decoration options. But as the name suggests, they are only limited to walls. The current trend today is putting wallpaper on the ceiling. Attaching a photo wallpaper to the ceiling is a bit more difficult compared to sticking it on the walls. One of the reasons is gravity, if not handled properly it can produce undesirable results.

Most of the time we use ceiling paint and embellish the ceiling with the color palette of our choice. However, there are many advantages of using wallpaper over ceiling paint. Wallpapers are available in different designs. It can be just like “cabinet paper” used to cover uneven surfaces and minor imperfections in the ceiling to create a better surface. Others may have a regularly repeating motif or in a single non-repeating large design that spans multiple strips. The latter is more common these days. There are homeowners who prefer wallpaper because it is easy to clean, especially for rooms where the walls are prone to dirt. Likewise, the pattern on the wallpaper tends to hide the dirt, stains and blemishes.

In interior design, we mostly focus on the walls. How to decorate, equip and design them. We seldom ignore the blankets. It has been a practice to use white paint for the ceiling for a long time. Why not stop with the stereotypical design of the ceiling and use color and pattern for it. Hand painted and / or textured ceilings are great if you have the budget, but the right choice of wallpaper will produce the same impact as that of the past. Indeed, in Cambridge, there is still a fragment of European wallpaper and it is not on the wall but on the ceiling. Ceiling wallpaper can add life to your room, especially if it’s a boring one. This makes it exciting to hang out in and do your stuff.

Whatever a design or pattern your wallpaper has, it is not recommended to put it in all rooms, only in the right places.

How to stick wallpaper on the ceiling

Here we introduce you to the steps and methods on how to put the wallpaper on your ceiling:

  1. Prepare the ceiling so that the wallpaper is properly glued. You’ll need to disconnect the lights or ceiling fans, if there are any, so that you don’t get electrocuted while gluing the wallpaper. You need to remove the leftover paint by sanding the uneven surfaces and also fill in any cracks.
  2. Select the appropriate wallpaper. Wallpaper shouldn’t be too heavy or too light. Light-colored wallpapers are cheap, but will have a tendency to tear when taped to the ceiling. A heavy wallpaper on the other hand could be difficult to handle.
  3. Precisely measure the size of the wallpaper to be glued. Measure the ceiling and add 3 inches to each end.
  4. Glue the wallpaper by soaking or preparing the wallpaper paste that will be used.
  5. Glue the paper with someone else’s help. Start with the corner facing the wall. Leave a few inches of length for trimming. Once the end is securely taped, use the brush to smooth the wallpaper down. Brush out air bubbles as they form.
  6. Cut the edges that overlap on the walls.
  7. The seams should be pressed with a seam roller to prevent the wallpaper from puckering or falling off.

Ceiling Wallpaper Decoration