Before & After With Paint

Today we have an important appointment: the monthly challenge of our friend Anna, of the blog a little bit of everything. The well-earned winner of last month was Coral (Coral corner).


Before & After With Paint
She performed the spectacular transformation of a bedside table in a toy kitchen, which you can see here if you missed it then.

And as befits the winner, Coral chose the challenge of the month of November: “Before and after”. My proposal will consist in show huge change posed a few coats of paint, sometimes just a few strokes.

Any object that we have at home and see off, passed from fashion, or even things we’ve come to save because they don’t like us, acquire a new and surprisingly different life in a matter of minutes. And in my opinion, this is even more evident when we change from dark to light colors.

Before & After With Paint 1

And if not, look at this black wrought iron candle holder that my mother was already very sad:

After two coats of paint chalk of old white Xylazel:

This old frame in his day had mirror. That told me in the rake that I bought it. I did not care at all that already had it, because I loved it and just loved him as part of a composition of frames without background I’m doing on a wall at home.

Although I am nothing of Golden, these ancients like me very much, that was a lot sorry change it but, after seeing the result, I do not regret at all. I painted it in broken white, retaining the dark patina that had been installed between the nooks and crannies.

Before & After With Paint 2

To me it seems to me that it has more life than before, and is of course, much lighter visually.

Finally, I show you the change of picture frames that are also of my mother. They were monkeys, Yes, but they were nothing special… were bland, the frames containing the photo but go completely unnoticed.

A unique hand-painting and sanding later, truth that have a lot more charming?

I think that after these examples, it has been sufficiently shown no fear no such changes, that everything has a hidden life, and we just need a brush to bring it to light.

Before & After With Paint 3

And as Friday has come without giving me or count, I’m going to joining also with this proposal of Marcela Frugal weekend because I don’t like anything missing at their weekly meeting.