Aquamarine Jewelry Sets: Vintage Costume Jewelry Sets

No doubt this is the best time to talk with aquamarine. Why? Will that blue is one of my favorite colors, but there are at least 2 reasons you aquamarine jewellry sets:

Aquamarine Jewelry Sets Vintage Costume Jewelry Sets

1) like I said, this is the period of orange blossom and the aquamarine is a stone absolutely suitable for wedding jewels, thinks there are countries where the engagement ring is with the aquamarine;

2) since it’s summer, there’s nothing better than choosing a stone which takes its name from the colour closest to the sea.

Legend has it that the aquamarine was part of the treasure of mermaids, why since ancient times was considered the stone that protects the sailors and those who dedicate their lives to the sea from the dangers of the oceans and seasickness.

The characteristics of aquamarine

As the Emerald and the morganite , the natural aquamarine-to keep separate from the blue Beryl is a characteristic artificial-which can be very clear until you get to the turquoise but that hardly reaches the blue, as it is for jewelry with zaffir placethe. Usually the more intense blue, the higher the value of the aquamarine.

Unlike the Emerald, aquamarine, however, has no inclusions to the naked eye and rather homogeneous in colour.

Aquamarine Jewelry Sets Vintage Costume Jewelry Sets 1

Aquamarine jewels have always been very successful among jewellers and professionals because it is a stone fairly easy to cut, of great brilliance and that it goes well togold especially white,silver and other stones, above all brilliant.

Aquamarine jewelry

Whatever your complexion, the jewels with the aquamarine will be perfect. If you are dark blue stone will emerge, but if you are clear the combination will be delicate.

Ditto for the eye color: Needless to say that if you call Blues will be immediate, if you have dark contrast will be very effective.

Jewelry with aquamarine, moreover, are more casual occasions is easily wearable and elegant and I find it to be a stone from the chic versatility.

For example, if you have a ring with aquamarine, a pendant or a pair of earrings in gold with this stone can safely use every day.

Obviously, if theopportunity is more important, even the jewel will be and you could choose a pair of earrings and pendants with gemstone, semi-aquamarine or a ring with a central and beautiful aquamarine diamonds.

And since the aquamarine is a fine stone and big rings are my passion, it would be nice a ring with aquamarine rectangular cut and an important boundary of white diamonds, or a square aquamarine ring and stem full of diamonds.

If you like bracelets, Silvia Kelly has thought a delicious in pink gold with aquamarine, absolutely suitable for wearing day and night.

Aquamarine Jewelry Sets Vintage Costume Jewelry Sets 2

The price of aquamarine jewelry

Aquamarine jewelry price varies along with the carat weight and degree of gloss of stone, although roughly is lower compared to other stones like sapphires, diamonds, rubies and emeralds.

Aquamarine jewelry care

The aquamarine should be subject only to traditional treatments and steam cleaning, so I advise against DIY cleaning methods. Always follow these basic rules to keep the jewels with aquamarine and you should be fine.

Aquamarine jewelry ideas from dream

Aquamarine jewelry of course are in the collections of major fashion houses and jewelry to dream a little you point out some models that have impressed me, I better not tell you prices to avoid a tragic wake up to reality!

Cartier has created a beautiful necklace very important, brilliant aquamarine drop earrings and a brooch with aquamarine, diamonds, Amethyst and sapphires.

Aquamarine Jewelry Sets Vintage Costume Jewelry Sets 3

Boucheron in his Hotel de la Lumiere line drew an amazing aquamarine and diamond necklace and earrings.

Even Tiffany focuses on sophisticated jewelry aquamarine color, making them wear even in Oscar night from Jessica Biel.

Now, putting aside the dream jewels, also spending figures are aquamarine jewelry priced a good buy because it is a very fine stone and considerably less expensive than other colored gemstones (Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire). And in addition the aquamarine is very versatile, suiting all occasions so as to be a rock night & day !