Apodemia Opens Shop Charged Flirty Jewelry to Wear at All Times

Apodemia It has opened shop in Madrid. I had heard much about this firm and knew some of their pieces thanks to its web site, but as soon as I received the invitation to the inauguration, I could not resist going to meet her, her, and her new collection Autumn-winter.

The new space is located in the Admiral Street 18, and stands out for its minimalism. The store is inspired by the industrial aesthetics with beams and pipes views and decorated by Jimena Von Knobloch, the designer herself. More than 100 square meters in which the showroom is also.

Apodemia is a brand of plug-ins that mixing vintage with modern pieces style. In Shapes, the new collection of this season, we find handcrafted pieces of jaunty air: necklaces, bracelets, earrings or combination of two in one. Would you like to see them?

Apodemia Opens Shop Charged Flirty Jewelry to Wear at All Times 1


Shapes is the proposal more minimalist and elegant petit format. Small models, with certain minimal air, but very flirty. Geometric forms take the witness of their classic animals through circles, triangles and hearts, These are my favorite. All parts are tiny works of art, hand carved with materials from all over the world.

Adaptable parts

The best of Apodemia, It is that the designer has thought smaller wrists or more skinny fingers. For those who have narrow wrists, bracelets we are always large, so Jimena has thought of us (I am close doll) and his pieces tend to be small. But do not think that it has forgotten that you use Add-ons of larger size, since there are many customizable proposals: rings and bracelets of one-size-fits-all with adjustable straps, also with exclusive auto-cierres for bracelets.

Apodemia Opens Shop Charged Flirty Jewelry to Wear at All Times 2


The rose gold and silver they complement the Classic gold and they swim all the sophisticated pieces. The jewelry firm joins the trend chic sparkly with mini stones that Crown many of the proposals. It is the case of this bracelet of hearts that I love.

Pendant and bracelet

One of the most original proposals are the gargantillas-pulseras, two in one. Bracelets for several laps or Choker set neck, leather, leather or suede. Best of all, is that each one of the pieces so you can wear them during the day and in the evening.


Flirtatious, discrete and vintage inspiration, Earrings models range from children glued to ear to any proposal with pendant and colored stone.

Apodemia Opens Shop Charged Flirty Jewelry to Wear at All Times 3

A collection very easy to match, and comfortable to wear, which now must be taken into account in our list of brands of accessories.