Antix Launches Summer Collection with Retro Inspiration

“Moving the body is accurate.” With that in mind, the brand Antix, known for her iconic dresses retro inspired and fun prints, displays your collection of summer 2017. Atletixname, the line is inspired by the sports of all kinds: traditional, radicals, and even dance. The prints, strong brand, bring this season a universe of animals athletes, competing, working out and telling their stories, all unique and inspired by the theme of the season.

Antix Launches Summer Collection with Retro Inspiration

In addition to prints, the inspiration is reflected in ways that respect the movements, the stripes that hark back to sports clothing and details and finishes as the sporting collars and cuffs. The lengths typical of the South, 50 years, and the mix of casual looks with sporting footprint are bet of the brand to the time when physical activity becomes increasingly important and part of people’s lives.

The modeling in the for the short dresses have featured among the models, as well as the long that comes with ruffles, lace and details shoulder to shoulder, keeping the romantic and delicate air, brand DNA. Acinturados models and with skirts rounds couldn’t get out of the summer of Antix. On the color chart, there is predominance of blue, appearing in all shades, apart from green, burnt red, mustard and terracotta.

But, not only of inspiration to make a sports collection, so the great differential of the 2017 summer collection is the brand new fitness line, with fitness clothes, including top, sport leggings, bikinis, swimsuits, bags, sneakers, skates and bags to take on academia, which already come with squeeze and washcloth. It all worked out so that consumers take the universe “Lady Like” every moment of your day.

In accessories, featured for the vintage skates, the gym bag and Lunchbox, to load up on groceries. And to complement the look there is still a model of colorful sneakers, made in perforated leather. According to the brand, the girl look with your attitude composes Antix, mixing t-shirts with skirts or shorts South romantic pattern, always combined with bereaved and casual shoes.