A Funny Feeling While Wearing a Sheepskin Jacket.

As far as I can tell from my experience, vegetarians are not better people. We are hypocrites, at least many of us almost. A nibble despite their love for animals with relish about the fish Burger, I, however, wear leather – and recently also an old jacket of my mother, who was made not only from leather, but on top of lambskin. On the subject of fur, for example, there were already several discussions and here, too, opinions differ. Some people find it even horribly cruel to wear fur – whether second hand or not. The argument: “you is all a statement – for fur. Trendsetter, that access to the vintage animal support the trend, and consequently the business my new fur.” Others scream: “nonsense! Second-Hand is allowed and anyway, why I may not wear the coat of my great-grandmother? “.” But what’s with Sheepskin?

During my visit to the home my transition jacket against the chill me insufficient, which is why my mother stuck to their old jacket me. Since then I wonder: is this ok? And where does the warm baby sheep hair?

A Funny Feeling While Wearing a Sheepskin Jacket

More or less unsatisfied, the large colorful screen has left me in the research. What are you so? An agricultural hosts call – who needs to know after all. First: lambskin is obtained not only of lambs, so baby sheep, because everything has not yet exceeded the 40 kg level is considered to lamb. AHA, a plus for the conscience at this point, but it goes further. As well as the leather, from which most of our shoes are made, also the most fur on the famous Camelfs jackets is a type of waste product – where I somehow absurd that we are talking about living things, find this word in terms of the fact. Anyway. This waste product arises because people happen to eat meat, also that of the small and larger lambs. I don’t count this though, but I’m also not a moral high ground, so yet everything is up to here. In addition the fact that sheep in general have a relatively good life. Jendenfalls compared to other animals, so they told me. Because it is to herd animals, they live mostly in such and may spend relatively hassle-free in nature their short life – until then the butcher.

A Funny Feeling While Wearing a Sheepskin Jacket. 2

And now? Is it okay to wear lambskin jackets, if you at the same time rails against fur? Jein. Each of us, which has leather shoes, animal skin called a pretty bag or anything of his own, can kill virtually even skin and hair of a lamb. Thus, it is not worse or better. Actually, it seems even quite logical to use the whole animal, instead of to burn the remains unused after the separation of the meat. Justify our meat consumption so the wearing of totem animal? Nee. Where we again would be arrived at our so omnipresent double standards.

I would like to condemn the eating of meat, nor wearing real leather at this point. Do I wear even, genuine leather. Thinking is still not a bad idea. Whether I will carry on the jacket of my mother? I still don’t know, yes the same left feeling. It would be however churlish of me above reasons not to do it – then I would have to be already at last consistent and consistently vegan living – but I failed because sometimes miserably and never more than six months held out due to my love of cheese’s. And behold, I’m no piece better than that which I swear.

A Funny Feeling While Wearing a Sheepskin Jacket. 3