A Floor-level Shower for Your Bathroom

If you want your bathroom to be chic, modern and functional, you might be looking for a walk-in shower.

In the Scandinavian countries, floor-level showers have been common for decades. It’s different with us in Germany. For us, this trend has only been gaining ground for a few years. In addition to its elegant appearance, the walk-in shower has other great advantages.

  • A floor-level shower is comparatively much easier to keep clean.
  • Since it is built without a (often very high) trip hazard, a floor-level shower is not a risk of accident even if you are not so fit.
  • The latter is especially true for children and old people.

How does a floor-level shower work?

The principle is very simple: All you need is a small slope in the floor, a drain, a shower rod and a curtain. There are already completely assembled systems.

When you look at the models, you ask yourself why such long, 20 cm high shower trays with a glass box mounted on top were so popular in Germany.

The German engineering spirit, which has produced a sophisticated process technology, in honor, but it is also much easier.

And as I said, especially when you or someone who is not in the mood for climbing, shower trays with high edges often enough become an obstacle or even a risk of accident.

When converting the shower to a floor-level one, of course, a few things must be taken into account.

Modern houses usually have a drain pipe designed for floor-level showers.

It gets more complicated with bathrooms above living spaces. Here the water drain must be laid in the ceiling, which is not possible with every floor ceiling.

Shower in the bathroom

Installation of the shower

The installation of the shower can be left to a professional. Above all, any necessary drainage systems should be installed by professionals. Then, or only through this, a guarantee (a guarantee) is also possible.

There must be enough space in the floor to be able to sink the shower drain. In addition, all connections between the wall, floor and shower must be watertight.

The corresponding systems are available online or in hardware stores.

The price range for the material of a floor-level shower is between 100 and 350 euros, depending on the design and material. So go.

Of course, you still have to lend a hand yourself so that the walk-in shower becomes the way you want your shower to be.

The drain in the shower is usually built into the screed, as it is the least noticeable. In the classic way, the floor-level shower converges in the middle, where the drain is also placed.

We have put together more information about installation, materials for a shower in the bathroom and what you can do yourself here under shower-shower cubicle.

Since the system is not yet widespread in Germany and many individual parts are difficult to obtain or expensive, we generally recommend complete sets. Even with finished showers, the siphon and the diameter of the drain connection in your own bathroom must always be taken into account.

Chic bathroom with a walk-in shower