7 Classic, Which Outlive Any Trend

Look through our Disgusted photos this past weekend, we were quite often with eyes wide open before the old memories: “Oh God, how we looked for?” – Yes, felt every trend has been implemented somehow our girlfriends, and us and any still so much disaster seemed executed with great passion and great pride – at that time totally hip. Not only the impure skin from back then, but also the one or the other fashion Sin buffalos, Tattooketten and eye shadow up to the eyebrows attempts was made at the time the show with great naturalness.

A lady from our circle of friends much us here but more than positive: our dearest Anna. Skillfully combines our pretty friend already since many years classic in muted tones and Lands a spot landing so that after the next.7 Classic, Which Outlive Any Trend 1

For us in any case is now clear: instead of eggs every trend afterwards, will be invested immediately more everlasting classics. Yes! Maybe I get Anna at the next home visit once in front of the camera offset, so that you can finally make a picture of this beautiful lady. A source of inspiration is the good in any case: entertaining trends are combined with perennial favorites and this is a sign of style consciousness of par example. We are a little bit jealous about this skillful hands and scrape together now slowly but surely the bucks for expensive classics, which also guarantees over 20 years look still pretty great and save us from embarrassing moments:

But what essential because now not in the closet?

The white blouse, the trench coat, the classic jeans, a few decent Chelsea boots and of course the blue striped top.

We have put together once our next “major projects” you and anxiously waiting for your classic recommendations. We might together so the stock of these never out of fashion pieces in the next 10 years.

7 Classic, Which Outlive Any Trend 2

Money donkey, will you come? We have some work to do!

  1. trench coat from Burberry for crisp 1300 euros.
  2. tailored ankle boots by Scarosso for 229 euro.
  3. at some point, they belong to us: the black pumps by Louboutin for 435 euro.
  4. the Chanel bag. Currently around 3000 euros. Is there in your Chanel Boutique of in confidence. My wardrobe here, here or here. See also: Sabine’s note in the comments!
  5. There is almost every label striped shirt. However, our heart beats for comme of Garçon play model – loose 155 euros.

6 determination of the day: I’m not even a cashmere sweater in a wardrobe. Should change – maybe with this model? Jardin des Orangers for 239 euros.

7 Classic, Which Outlive Any Trend 3

7 Alltime favorite and most comfortable jeans of all time: The 501 Levis!