5 Reasons for Wearing a Vintage Dress

Hello the radiant and the female!

The beautiful time began and I wear more my retro dresses when the temperatures rise beyond 20 degrees. Some ask me many questions about my retro style, even though I wrote several articles on the Pin Up style for 3 years and I want to give you 5 good reasons to invest in a dress vintage for your wardrobe.

5 Reasons for Wearing a Vintage Dress


A 40-50 inspired dress as I wear, it adds a lot of femininity. Go to the end of the sixties, the dress was much more popular than the pants. A small return alongside girly and feminine, it’s sometimes good for his soul.

5 Reasons for Wearing a Vintage Dress 1

2-Comfort and silhouette

A 40-50’s vintage dress, it’s so comfortable. You purchased one, you realize that it is so comfortable that you purchased a second, then a third, then finally another and another and another. In addition to comfort, dresses benefits several types of silhouette.

5 Reasons for Wearing a Vintage Dress 2


A vintage dress is timeless. With the strong tendency to retro back, it’s far from kits. It can even become a centerpiece of your wardrobe.

5 Reasons for Wearing a Vintage Dress 3

4-It is all the time

Have a dress vintage in his wardrobe, know that it is a worthwhile investment. Cost-effective, because you wear it all the time. I wear them at home when I go out with friends and even on occasions more special occasions.

5-This puts the color

A dress vintage in her wardrobe, it’s also very sexy. From SummerDressesStore, I have 3 summer dresses, 2 Aqua on ground, a rose, a red with black polka dots, a black polka dot fuchsia, a blue and white polka dots, a green Emerald and I think that I forgot… But in short it really adds a lot of color and it’s really ideal for the summer.