22 Great Windowsill Decoration Ideas

Whether in the kitchen, living room or bedroom – most rooms that have a window also have a window sill. With window sill decoration you can create exciting eye-catchers in the room. In this blog article we will show you window sill decorations for different living styles and seasons, both for the window sill inside and for the window sill outside the house.

Not just a cat sleeping place: decoration for the inside windowsill

One of the most popular cat sleeping places (next to beds and on laptops…) can also be decorated! Window sills in the interior are a great spot for room decoration: it is bright and your decoration is protected from rain. The possibilities are extensive: From a jungle of plants in the Urban Jungle Decoration, to decorative objects such as stands and stands, light decoration such as candles and light objects, to seasonal decoration that gets us in the mood for the seasons – we have decoration ideas for you below the window sill put together inside.

decoration for the inside windowsill

Mediterranean decoration for the windowsill

Mediterranean decoration brings the sunny flair of the Mediterranean into your home! With this window sill decoration idea you rely on heat-loving cacti and succulents in pretty planters. Both types of plants are very easy to care for and usually do not grow overly, require little fertilization and rarely water. Small varieties of agave and aloe are also ideal for Mediterranean window sill decoration.

Mediterranean decoration for the windowsill

Prickly: window sill decoration with cacti

Cacti are also used in this window sill decoration : they are easy to care for. There are prickly desert dwellers in an incredible variety of forms: from the tall prickly pear cactus, to the round and somewhat meanly named mother-in-law’s seat, the mystical Lophophora williamsii, the martial-sounding armed Cereus, which is also called the star cactus, or the gold pillar, with its velvety-looking, golden spines, and the popular bishop’s cap cactus, also known as the star cactus. When planting your prickly favorites in pots and planters with a drainage hole, use cactus soil if possible; this is lean and allows the irrigation water to drain away – cacti do not like waterlogging.

Boho style windowsill decoration with dried flowers and pampas grass

Boho decoration is simply relaxed – the relaxed decoration style not only beautifies your windows with hanging plants in macrame holders, but also with dried flowers that convey an absolutely natural cosiness when you look at them: you arranged fluffy pampas grass, velvety Lagurus, delicate Ruscus, yellow barley ears and sophisticated wild carrot flowers just loosely in a few nice light vases (e.g. from Bloomingville ).

Boho style windowsill decoration with dried flowers and pampas grass

Decorate with a Wall Clock

Decorating with a wall clock can enhance any space. Firstly, choose a clock that complements your decor style and color scheme. Place it strategically where it can be easily seen, such as above a fireplace, sofa, or in a hallway. Consider the size of the clock relative to the wall space; larger clocks make a bold statement, while smaller ones add subtle charm. Use it as a focal point by surrounding it with complementary decor like framed photos or artwork. Experiment with different placements and heights until you achieve the desired visual balance. Finally, ensure the clock’s hands are visible and functional for practicality.

Vintage window sill decoration in shabby chic

Vintage decoration and shabby chic decoration create a homely atmosphere. Nostalgic tin decorations and wooden decorations with a shabby chic finish are a nice way to show your love for the old. Candles in vintage candle holders also go particularly well with nostalgic metal decorations- small mirrors reflect the light from the candle. As an alternative to candles in candle holders, vintage lanterns are also a great decorative idea for the windowsill.

Vintage window sill decoration in shabby chic

Christmas village with light houses as a Christmas window sill decoration

This window sill decoration idea for Christmas turns into a whole Christmas village: equip light houses (e.g. from Posiwio ) with LED candles or LED fairy lights. Draw the silhouette of a winter landscape with trees, small houses and animals on cardboard and cut it out with small craft scissors – Alternatively, you can use a plotter like the Cricut. The cute light houses can also be easily combined with Christmas decorative objects such as wooden Christmas trees.

Christmas village with light houses as a Christmas window sill decoration

Classic windowsill Christmas decorations with nutcrackers

Nussknacker sind ein absoluter Klassiker in der Weihnachtsdeko! Für diese freundlich verspielte Weihnachtsdeko kombiniert ihr einen Nussknacker mit vintage Laternen und Girlanden aus grünen Pflanzenteilen wie Efeu und Tannengrün. Mit den richtigen Haltern und Ketten könnt ihr viele Laternen auch einfach in der Fensternische aufhängen. Für etwas extra Gemütlichkeit und eine ganz persönliche Note sorgt die Vintage Teekanne – Da kann der Adventssonntag kommen!

Simple Christmas decorations for the windowsill

A very simple Christmas decoration idea for the windowsill is the combination of fir greenery, Christmas tree decorations and candles, or LED candles. Here the decoration arrangement is in the classic Christmas color combination of red and green – choose a color combination that fits the rest of your decoration concept! To decorate the entire window area for Christmas, you can also use Christmas decorations hanging from the curtain rod or window line. For the windows themselves, classic homemade Christmas decorations such as construction paper pictures are always a nice idea. You can also find more ideas for homemade Christmas decorations in our blog article “ Making Christmas decorations: 16 great ideas for homemade Christmas decorations ”.

Classic windowsill Christmas decorations with nutcrackers

Decoration with colorful bottles and vases for the windowsill

Sometimes monothematic decorative arrangements are surprisingly exciting: a selection of colorful bottles and glass vases in different colors and shapes, combined with a few LED fairy lights, becomes an exciting window sill decoration – these illuminated glass bottles are particularly great as cozy autumn decorations and winter decorations !

Cozy vintage decoration with books

This vintage window sill decoration with books is perfect for all bookworms and vintage joy! Combine old books, with scarves or blankets with lanterns and LED candles. The LED candles mean there is no risk of fire and you can make the arrangement really cozy with the wool blankets. It’s best to take hardback books; you’ll find them at flea markets and in bookcases. Affari of Sweden also offers sophisticated boxes in the shape of old books in which you can store your treasures! This ensemble is also perfect for the Light Academia Aesthetic and Dark Academia Aesthetic decoration – you can also find more Dark Academia Aesthetic decoration ideas in our blog article “ Dark Academia Decoration – How to create the look at home ”.

Simple Christmas decorations for the windowsill

Vintage winter decoration for the windowsill

This winter window sill decoration with shabby aspects ensures nostalgic comfort in your home! Combine lanterns with large pillar candles, a few cute bright light houses and bright stands and decorative stands of your choice. Perfect for a gentle vintage winter decoration!

Vintage candlestick decoration on the windowsill

Another monothematic window sill decoration: Can’t get enough of candlesticks and candle holders ? It’s completely legitimate to simply group your candlestick collection on the windowsill! A mirror in the corner of the window sill increases both natural daylight and the light from lit candles, which makes this decoration particularly suitable for the dark half of the year when sufficient daylight is in short supply.

Delicate and fresh: Easter decorations for the windowsill

In late March or April it’s that time again: Easter takes place! Fresh spring flowers and Easter eggs are a must when decorating for Easter ! Hang fresh branches of witch hazel, pussy willow or fruit trees in the vase with painted Easter eggs, and present the fresh spring colors in small flower pots in the form of spring flowers such as hyacinths, primroses or daffodils. A simple egg carton becomes a fully-fledged homemade Easter decoration with planted eggshells. You can also find more Easter decoration ideas in our blog articles “ 13 ideas for great Easter decorations ” and “ Easter decorations for outside: 12 great Easter decoration ideas for the entrance to the house ”.

Everything in orange: modern autumn decorations for the windowsill

Autumn colors such as yellow, orange, red, violet and brown play a major role in autumn decoration – for this modern decoration we primarily focus on a strong orange! You can combine pumpkin decorations such as decorative pumpkins, pumpkin displays, or self-crocheted pumpkins with candles in modern geometric tealight holders. Dried flowers such as cotton blossoms complement the arrangement. The mirror in the corner increases the candlelight and natural daylight – practical in autumn when it slowly gets darker outside again.

Cozy autumn decorations with pumpkins

With this natural decoration for autumn you can put pumpkins in the spotlight! Autumnal natural materials such as leaves and pine cones are also included – with a few books and a blanket, the cozy autumn decoration becomes the perfect addition to the windowsill in your reading corner! In addition, elements from the Goblin Core aesthetic also fit into this ensemble. Our blog article “ What is Goblin Core” shows you how to decorate in the Goblin Core style. – 13 great tips for furnishing and decoration ”.

Maritime decoration for the windowsill

Ship Ahoy! The window sill also offers a great canvas for interior design for fans of maritime decoration. Whether it’s classic maritime decorations like wooden ships, modern stands and displays like the cool fish from Dijk Natural Collections, or homemade maritime decorations like shell decorations and sand in a maritime-decorated glass – the world of anchors, fish, jellyfish and buoys offers you lots of options to anchor your love of the sea in your spaces!

Skandi plus Japan: Minimalist decoration in the Japandi style

As a minimalist decoration, decoration in the Japandi style is very popular. The Japandi style skilfully combines Scandinavian decoration with the wabi-sabi from the Japanese living philosophy. Bonsai trees in old wooden planters are a great idea for the Japandi style windowsill. You can also find more Japandi decoration ideas in our blog article “ Furnishing in the Japandi style ”.

Florarium: bottle garden for the windowsill

A small world in miniature – quite impressive, such a small mini garden on the windowsill! Small mini plants that are not particularly vigorous, such as Peperomia, various succulents, the survival artists Tillandsia, Fittonia, and various types of moss, are particularly suitable for a florarium. Glass bowls, glass bells, bulbous bottles and glass vases are suitable as planters for florariums – you can also decorate large glasses with plants in glass. You can find great instructions for florariums at Sewsimple, for example.

Modern window sill decoration with succulents

Succulent decoration in geometric glass containers is very modern and super natural. Succulents such as echeveria, money tree (crassula), gasteria and zebra harworthia are quite easy to care for and drought-resistant – cacti are also succulents. To make a very modern decoration for your windowsill yourself, you need a small glass container, preferably in a geometric shape, which you fill with cactus soil. Then plant your small succulents in the substrate and carefully pour small amounts of water. Most succulents prefer to be in a bright spot, which is why south-facing windows are particularly suitable for this plant decoration.

Window sill decoration outside

Some houses also have a window sill on the outside! To make the house facade a little more personal, you can not only give it a nice new coat of paint, but also decorate the outer window sill – this way you can create eye-catchers and beautify your neighborhood!

Chalet decoration for outside

In the mountains, decorating outside window sills and balconies is simply a must! Of course you are free to decorate your house in the hut magic style even in the deepest north. Begonias, petunias and geraniums are a nice idea for chalet decoration of your windows. Place the plants in pots and planters such as balcony boxes, but remember to secure them securely, especially if the plants are on higher floors – gusts of wind or animals can cause flower pots to fall and cause great damage!

Mediterranean decoration in Tuscany style for the outer windowsill

Terracotta planters with geraniums or begonias are perfect for outdoor Mediterranean decoration in the Italian Tuscany style. Lavender plants are of course particularly suitable for French country house decoration – these are also very popular with bees and bumblebees from spring to autumn.

Heather in pots for the windowsill outside

Heather is decorative and relatively undemanding – the soil should only be slightly acidic, rhododendron soil is particularly suitable for decoration with heather. Heather comes in many different colors – so you can coordinate the color of the flower with the color of the pot – a white heather gets a white pot, a purple one gets a purple planter.

Dried flowers on the windowsill

Admittedly – this decoration is intended more for festive occasions and not as a permanent guest on your outer windowsill – but as a beautiful decoration for the summer party or barbecue evening, dried flowers in the vase on the windowsill are a nice idea – sometimes the outer window sills seem very barren. Remember to get your dried flower bouquets back dry after the festival; high humidity, storms or even rain reduce the durability of the fragile beauties enormously. You can also find more decoration ideas with dried flowers in our blog article “ 22 great dried flower decoration ideas and wedding decorations with dried flowers ”.