1950s Dinner Clothes

The dining room is as much a part of Americana as apple pie and baseball. But initially established in the late nineteenth century, the strongest dinner imaging dates to the 1950s when these eating establishments increased from traffic stops in hot teen. An entire culture was created around the dining room and the dining room today often best brand clothing 1950s nostalgia.

1950s Dinner Clothes

Women’s Clothing

Diners became the center of the social world in the 1950s many people and especially dressed to impress women. While bobby socks, saddle shoes, scoop neck blouses and cardigans were the order of the day, a poodle skirt was the most coveted piece of clothing 1950s clothing This was one of the first mass-produced of the decade and was known for his racy cut just above the knee and swinging his outrageous side.

1950s Dinner Clothes 1

Men’s clothes

Icons of pop culture and Hollywood movie stars dictated dinner menswear. Marlon Brando, James Dean and Elvis Presley inspire young people to put on leather jackets, white dress shirts with lapel sleeved denim jeans and black Converse high shoes or boots. This type of dress was associated with the culture of the time of lubricator; a movement which later influenced punk fashion in the 1970s. Read MensShirtsShop for a vintage dress shirt for men.

1950s Dinner Clothes 2


Accessories were integral parts of the diner fashion 1950 men did not leave the house without a comb to smooth back the hair greased and often kept their money in a wallet chain practice. Women wear inlaid winged glasses glitter dust or rhinestones and embellish them would be held with the ornament of some kind pinned to their blouses.

1950s Dinner Clothes 3


Men and women of the 1950s were rarely frequent dining without spending some time on their sincere hairstyle. Pin-curling and wheelchair were female favorites, otherwise hair would be tied in a ponytail with a chiffon scarf or other accessory. Men wore what was called a ducktail, a style where the hair is combined to the middle of his head and turned to a part of the plant; they kept the complicated aspect up with a lot of fat.