1900s Corsets

Women’s fashion
in the nineteenth century manners were very different from ours, and this was reflected especially in the way of dressing. While today we prefer all walking trousers or booty shorts, it was simply unacceptable 150 years ago. The nineteenth century was a period very prudish. Indeed, it was against the current of previous thoughts, that of the Rococo, where we valued the exuberance, makeup, abundance and so on to go to extremes. That’s why instead of having very high wigs, great necklines and bright colors, Victorian (and Edwardian) focuses on sobriety.

1900s Corsets

This article was written entirely by Magdalena Korzha .

The women of the nineteenth century wore many layers of clothing, it is undeniable. However, each of them had their usefulness and should not be set aside. The fabrics used were the main cotton, or variations like silk cotton or cotton linen. In warmer weather, summer, women will opt for linen that has the advantage to breathe.

• The folder (And nightgown): It was worn against the skin, under the corset.The majority of these had a collar adjustable with a ribbon, depending on the outfit that was worn (day dress, prom dress, etc.). The shirt also served to protect the skin of the corset.

1900s Corsets 1

• The pants: She was worn over the shirt and under the corset. As women wore big dresses, it was not necessary that the pants to adjust. The majority of them were open at the crotch.

• The Victorian corset: Worn over the shirt and pants, it was the key element of the Victorian attire. It was made of cotton, linen and sometimes decorated with several toppings like lace and ribbons. He served on board while thinning the size by pressing the abdomen and internal organs down, then support for the back of the woman. No corset, the woman stood bent forward and could have an upright posture because of the lack of muscles in his back. The corset was solidified with steel whales. He was put on in the morning and removed at night. Wealthy women often had a maid to help to put on, as saying that those with less arrived without problem in the tie only if they had no sisters to help.
• maternity corset Le : Yes, even pregnant women continue to wear a brace.Adjustable in the abdomen and often at chest level, it allowed the woman to stand straight while being pregnant.

1900s Corsets 2
• The corset was : It was worn … in summer! During hot weather, women bartered their corsets for cottons linen corsets where the parties who were not lined steel were made of netting.

• The corset cover: It was mainly used to smooth the lines of the plus size corset as listed on Hoticle.com, preventing trim appear through the dress.

• Low: All as important in holding all women wear! Except perhaps women of easy virtue… They cover the legs and can be made of various materials. We opt for cotton in general but summer women prefer silk stockings while in winter we get out the good old wool socks. They are attached using suspender (which are stitched with the corset) or garters tightened by a tape.

1900s Corsets 3

• The underskirt: It was used to give volume to the dress, not as distinguished too legs or shapes of women.

•The faux-cul: Who could be paired with the skirt, giving more volume to the dress. Its shape changes depending on the time and disappears towards the 1890 replaces the crinoline.


• For fairy or witch, it is possible to wear more traditional clothes, simply facts.The corset is still in order, but we can forget the fake-ass.

• The hybrid because of their position, can not always dress in a respectable manner. Warning ! It’s not as long as a clothing askew be tolerated by society.